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Incense and Spice Route Inn

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Spice Route Khan(Incense and Spice Route-Inn) is located in a secluded location in Israel’s desert, near Moshav Tzofar in the Arava. In addition to the existing tent complex, they have recently built 4 luxurious cabins designed for couples and families that connect to the desert tranquility, nature, and lots of spaces.

Inside the cabins: double bed, sitting area that falls into colorful mattresses on which the children sleep, fully equipped kitchenette (mini-fridge, coffee corner, dishes, etc.), TV, toilet, shower, air conditioning.

Outside the cabins – a thin terrace with a seating area, a small barbecue, a fireplace, a private immersion pool (heated to a pleasant temperature), and a view of the Red Mountains.

In the khan complex – a living area for children with goats, camels, and donkeys. It is possible to make walks right from the entrance of the hut to the desert spaces.

At the moment, the place does not serve breakfast; you can order from restaurants around the place; later, a rich buffet-style breakfast option will open in the khan itself.


Incense and Spice Route Inn
Incense And Spice Route Inn

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