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Mitzpeh Ramon is located in the center of the Negev Highlands on the edge of the Ramon Crater just an hour away from Be’er Sheva and almost two hours from Eilat.
It is the most isolated community in Israel with about 5,000 people that lives here.
The Ramon crater is the largest erosion crater in the world and reaches 40 kilometers long, with unique desert landscapes that attract many visitors.

Do not be surprised if you meet Ibex walking freely in Mitzpeh Ramon and around the crater , and if you want to experience the desert atmosphere, go down into the crater.

The crater is considered one of the best places in the world for viewing stars and has recently been defined as a International Dark Sky Park.
And during the year there are more than two hundred and fifty days in which the visibility is good and there is no light crater that pollutes the darkness.
In order to enjoy watching the stars without light pollution, you can reach one of the night camps in the crater.

HaMinsara is a mountain with stones cut like wooden blocks and therefore the name HaMinsara that means Sawmill.

Khan Be’erot – Nature reserve in the middle of Ramon crater, that offers overnight accommodations in private tents for families or groups or a simple rooms well equipped. The place has a special lightning designed so you can watch the countless stars glittering above you in a night desert sky. There is no cell phone signal reception, just you and the dessert and maybe some fox or other dessert animal that will give you a visit from time to time. At the middle of August you can enjoy here a stunning Meteor shower, just remember to book the tent in advance.

If you’re looking for a unique authentic experience near by, visit Ben Midbar , there you will get Bedouin hospitality with camels in the background, delicious food and a must try Bedouin tea that made of dried leaves of various desert plants. They offer camel trips to secluded areas of the dessert including a dinner break, which is a wonderful experience to enjoy the breathtaking views of Ramon crater.

Don’t Feed the Ibex

    Accommodations in Mitzpeh Ramon :

Bereshit Hotel – one of the most beautiful hotels in the world sitting on the edge of the crater with an endless infinity pool.

Karmei Har Negev Farm – offering tents, guest rooms and a camping area in a beautiful dessert scenery . In the farm you can enjoy a self made wine, purchase an organic olive oil or visit their horse farm .

Succah in the desert – sleep in a hut (“succah”) in the middle of the desert. It is a unique resort that was established as a model for ecological desert tourism. In your stay you can enjoy a refreshing ecological pool, vegetarian breakfast and dinner, orchard and a mini zoo for children. Each hut has comfortable beds and solar electricity for lightning. The decoration are all hand made from recycled materials. What to bring with you? Towels, flashlight,toiletries and a warm clothes (yes, even when it’s summer). And of course, no cell phone signal reception here also.

Alpaca Farm – on the hill of the Llamot there is a farm that offers guest units where you can stay an enjoy a farm life. Wake up in the morning while alpacas and llamas just by your side, children can wal among the alpacas, ride a pony or feeding the animals early in the morning with farm workers. There also a horse riding in the farm and yoga lessons.

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