Beresheet – Living on the Edge!

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Beresheet Hotel is one of those places you’ll see a short video about on Facebook and think, “Wow, that looks crazy, I should add this to my bucket list”. Well, the next time you’re in Israel, this is one place you shouldn’t miss.

You can’t truly visit Israel without going to the Negev Desert. You don’t have to be a great explorer to appreciate the wild beauty of the endless desert. And in that desert, there isn’t anything more impressive and “must see” than the Ramon Crater. Beresheet (In Hebrew: Genesis), is perched right over that crater, allowing for unbelievable views from all rooms and facilities.

And while tourists flock to the hotel for its view and proximity to trekking routes, Israelis know it as the most luxurious hotel around. As in – “Oh, you’re going to propose? You should go to Beresheet”. Yep, while Israel has many luxurious hotels, especially in Tel Aviv, Beresheet really has no competition. The amount of money spent on this hotel made sure it has world class amenities, staff and facilities. We can’t really convey how it feels to swim around in the hotel’s wide pool, while in front of you is the neverending desert. Well, it’s kind of like what we felt having breakfast in front of it.

While most tourists and Israelis vacation in the north for the fresh air and green scenery, the south brings vacationers that seek quiet and peace of mind. It’s silent out here, with only the wind and the birds to remind you that you’re outside. And because Beresheet is so high up the mountain, it summons nice, cool air all year round. It’s the perfect place to relax after a long day of walking or trekking. And if you’re seeking a solution for those sore muscles, look no further than the luxurious “Carmel Forests” spa. It’s not cheap, sure, but you’ll thank yourselves when you’ll be floating out of the room.

Even though this is a 5 star luxury hotel, many tourists can find an affordable room. There are 111 rooms and villas here, and 39 other private units with their own pools. All rooms let you enjoy the view, and some are definitely more affordable than others. The hotel regularly has sales and discounts on its site, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested to spend a few nights here. We recommend coming somewhere around May-June, to enjoy the relative heat without being toasted, and being able to truly enjoy the desert and all it offers.

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