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Sleep in concrete capsules in the heart of the desert

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Usually, when you come to Israel for a trip, you will go to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and experience the urban landscapes with the hustle and bustle of the big city.
If you’d like a different experience, in which you can connect to the serenity of the desert (and only two hours from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem) be sure to check out the world’s first capsule hotel built in the heart of the Desert.
There are several accommodation options available here at Naot Farm, but sleeping in the concrete pipes is by far the most unique and memorable experience.

Concrete Capsules

So we left the city and slowly the urban landscape gave way to the yellow and brown of the desert. The quiet out here is truly palpable.
Naot Farm is located 3 minutes from the main road. As we came down the road, a panoramic desert landscape opened was revealed to us.
The farm is built on a ridge that overflows during the winter, and there is a pool for shower and a shared toilet and an open kitchen where you can cook for yourself, plus shared showers , hammocks, lovely benches and a beautiful pool. There is also a goat’s pen that produces milk and an incredibly tasty cheese.

Naot Farm

Naot Farm – Sdeh Boker – The world’s first capsule hotel in the desert

The main attraction here is a series of huge concrete water pipes that have become accommodation capsules with the addition of a transparent glass door.
In each capsule, there is a double bed, two reading lamps, and an air conditioner (that let’s not forget that we’re in the middle of the desert).
The size of each capsule is two and a half feet wide by 6 feet long.
Place your suitcase under the bed, close the blinds and enjoy the peace.

The farm also has four more conventional rooms: 2 double rooms and 2 for families with a small private pool and wonderful mountain view.
The farm was built 15 years ago by the founding family that still runs the place to this day. Check their site here.

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