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Stay in the Middle of the Desert

The Arava area (the desert area leading to Eilat) is one of Israel’s most beautiful places. It’s especially nice if you come when the summer is nearing its end, and the cool wind makes your day easier. The scenery is unbelievable, and there are plenty of routes you can take to really feel the desert and not just pass through. When you’re there, in the quiet and endless desert, what you’ll want more than anything is to be as close to this amazing piece of nature. The best way to do that is to avoid staying at a far away, modern-looking hotel and find a place that fits in with the brown mountains.

One of those places is “Eretz Arava” (Land of Arava). The entire place is made of seven private suites; each is very secluded and has its own pool (shaded in the summer and heated in the winter). This family-run place is the closest you’ll get to camping in the desert without breaking your back or packing the entire house. The suites are huge and cozy; most of them are perfect for couples (and one is a double suite for families). They are far enough from one another that you’ll feel like you’re all alone.

Million Stars Hotel

Of course, when you’re in such a beautiful place, you’ll want to explore every mountain and go down every road. But when the sun begins to set, the best thing you can do is have a cup of coffee in your private sitting area, or maybe going in the couple’s jacuzzi. You can also make yourself a nice dinner, as every suite has a kitchen with an electric hotplate, a toaster oven, fridge, espresso machine, a kettle, pots and pans,, and more. You’ll even get to taste some locally brewed beers and homemade cookies and cakes.

The fact that you won’t be staying in a hotel doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little luxury. What’s better than to open morning or to travel and relaxing with a great breakfast? Just go up to the restaurant on top of the tallest hill, serving delicious, vegan breakfast every day. There’s also a grand dinner being held every Thursday you should definitely not miss.

The magic of the desert is present from the moment it takes over your view, but to really feel it and its serenity, you have to soak it in. Rather than just taking a few nice photos and driving on, we recommend booking a night or two in Eretz Arava and giving the desert a bigger part in your trip to Israel.

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