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Williams House – Eilat

Looking for a spectacular place to stay when you’re in Eilat?

Williams house is the place for you ! This unique old stone house is far away from being a standard accommodation – the house is built from natural stones and wood,ecologically integrated with the desert scenery and overlooking the Red Sea and it is the most southern house in Israel.

The rooms facing the Edom Mountains and the sea and the house itself located near the most beautiful beach in Eilat – The Coral Beach, that is just a 5 minutes walk from the place.

Williams House – Eilat \\ Map – Site  – Facebook

Now,a little piece of history :
Legend tells that Lord Leonard Williams, a British officer and geologist ( who was actually also a secret agent in her Majesty’s secret service) came to this area to search for minerals and needed an assistant to help him with the mission. He found a Bedouin who helped him and then found out that he also have a piece of land, Williams felled in love with the place and bought him for his loved one. After the establishment of the State of Israel, the British officer fled to Jordan on a boat and abandoned the house. Even now, the remains of the history have been carved into every part of the place.

There is only four (different) rooms in the house, all well equipped,offering a unique and authentic experience.

-The Yurt

Beautiful deluxe yurt with a double bed, sitting area that can be converted into a second bed,TV ,kitchenette, a wood stove and a private toilet and sink just outside the yurt. Up to 4 people.

-Adi room

Intimate room with peaceful resting area and views of the Edom mountains. The room has double bed,  upper gallery, TV, AC and kitchen. 

-The studio

The biggest room in the house with seperate areas and a perfect balcony with views to the Red Sea. The room has a double bed, two sofas,AC, TV, kitchen and bathroom. Suitable for families.

-Shita room

Located on the northern part of the complex, the room has a beautiful large glass windows that allows you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea and the mountains right from your bed. In the room- double bed, sitting area, AC, bathroom and a fridge.Suitable for families.

So you enjoyed the place and the beach..what’s next?

Here are some attractions nearby :

The Japanese Gardens – a real treasure located in the Coral Beach Reserve.This is the largest and most preserved dive site in Eilat, as it contains an impressive strip of coral reefs which is an example of the natural marine environment of the city of Eilat.

Dolphin’s reef – Secluded and one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.Here you can observe dolphins in their natural habitat and even swim or dive with them, enjoy amazing relaxation pools, seat at the beach bar restaurant or just enjoy the beach. 

Camel ranch – Camel rides (take the sunset trip including the bedouin meal experience), donkey carts and more extreme activity is the largest rope park with zip lines,bango jumping and much more.

Mitzpe Tat Yami– Underwater Observatory with multiple sea water aquariums with thousand of fish,turtles,sharks and much more.Also a 3D cinema and one huge aquarium with 360 liters of water that is the exact copy of the Red Sea bed.

Williams house
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