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Secret Glamping Experience In Israel

Is this the best way to experience Israel’s nature?

So it turns out Glamping is a thing. You might think we’ve been living under a rock if we don’t know what glamping is, but it just recently started to gain popularity in Israel. Also, we’ve been too engaged in our third elections-in-a-row to catch up on inventive camping trends. So, glamping is essentially what comes out when you push together “Glorious” and “Camping”. It’s a combination of sleeping outdoors and enjoying nature, but without the sacrifices, it would normally require.

Secret Glamping Experience In Israel


Glamping In Israel

The nature in Israel can be truly breathtaking. The infinite desert, the green mountains in the north, and all the tiny and charming villages in between. But the desert can also be scorchingly hot, and the north can be freezing, especially during the night. Also, sleeping in a tent is a nightmare (unless you’re that one friend that thinks a backache and bugs in your bed is “reconnecting with nature”). Well, glamping is kind of the best of both worlds (the other world being a hotel). Glow Glamping is currently the leading glamping company in Israel. They pitch their fancy tents in secret locations for a set period of time, so you need to order in advance. The tents are fairly isolated and cozy, beautifully decorated (and big – 30sqm). You’ll find a memory foam bed with satin linens, heating (or cooling), electricity, a private terrace, and plenty of privacy.

There is a maximum of 10 tents, which together form the secret compound. Each compound has a main tent with various roles: a lobby, dining room, hang-out area, and more. By the way, the food is prepared on-site by a chef. At night, they light a bonfire and there are also classes, tours, and even massages available. The compound also has mobile showers (with hot water) and odorless toilets.

We really think this is a great idea for couples, friends, and families. It truly is unique to sleep outdoors and get away from the city, and at the same time not having to channel bear Grylls to survive. You can find the next location of the tents here :
Glow-Glamping \\ Instagram – Site – Facebook

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