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Dead Sea beaches and the Salt Island

The Dead Sea is situated in the south-east of Israel and it is half an hour drive from Jerusalem and two hours drive from Tel Aviv. It is dotted with a plethora of mesmerizing beaches in the country. The Dead Sea is not only popular for its beauty, but it also has varieties of skin and health benefits because of the salinity level of the mineral-rich waters. One of the best places that you should not miss during your trip to Israel is the fascinating Dead Sea. It is best to stay at the Dead Sea for some days so that you can enjoy its mind-blowing benefits and its unique natural spa. Some of the best beaches to visit are listed below.

Neve Midbar beach

The best thing about the beach is that it is the least commercialized of the beaches located in the Dead Sea’s northernmost part. Megilot Regional Council owns the beach, and it is a great place to go for tourists looking for a laid back vibe. The beach has a spacious stretch of sand filled with lots of facilities that visitors can use, such as green lawns, gift shops, a barbecue area, and a bar. The beach attracts younger crowds because of its mind-blowing facilities, and you can sleep here in camping or bungalow. To reach this beach – come from the access road near Biankini Beach, or drive to the northern part of the Megilot Region.

Neve Midbar beach
island of salt in the dead sea

Kalia beach

Kalia Beach is the northernmost beach at the Dead Sea, and Kibbutz Kalia operates it since the 1970s. The beach’s highlight is that the sea has a natural mud, a great place where tourists can immerse themselves in and relax or rub it all over the body due to its beneficial properties. The beach also features a restaurant, a gift shop, a bar, change room facilities, a pool, towel rental, and so on. The best thing about this beach is that it is suitable for all tourists of different ages. While you are here, you should make sure that you are not missing the Desert and the Dead Sea’s panoramic views.

Ein Bokek beach

This beach is the one that surrounds the Dead Sea hotels area, and you can access them free of charge. You are going to find a variety of glitzy resorts and soothing spa treatments. The beach facilities have recently undergone massive renovations, and yet it is the only non-paid regulated beach. The beach is filled with numerous picnic spots, beach chairs, a refreshment stand, a restaurant, and a beauty products store that you will enjoy. You can head south down Road 90 to the southern end to get here, and you will get to the big hotel strip at Ein Bokek.

Salt Island – The Dead Sea

From Ein Bokek beach you can swim to the island of salt with the famous tree.
Just in front of the Leonardo Hotel, you will find Hamel Zohar public beach. From that point, you will able to see the exact location of the tree.
The tree can be reached by swimming for about 15-25 minutes (depending on sea condition and physical fitness).


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Salt Formations (mushrooms ) – Dead Sea

On the Dead Sea’s shores near the hotel’s strip, there is a natural phenomenon of salt formations, this wonder has appeared in recent years out of the sea, and it looks like mushrooms of salt.

Einot Tzukim – Dead Sea

Einot Tzukim is in a unique location next to the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains on the Jordan side and the other side of the Judean Desert’s replica cliff.