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Boat end kayaking in the Deadsea


Dead Sea shores like you’ve never seen before!

Three fascinating hours of sailing on the northern shores of the Dead Sea. You can choose – at sunrise or sunset, with a boat or by kayak. Anyhow, I’m sure after this trip you will understand why this place is considered one of the wonders of the world!

The boat departs from Mitzpe Shalem beach, a private beach of the Kibbutz located half an hour’s drive from the hotel area.

Accompanied by Captain Jack’s stories about the Dead Sea, the boat will get you to the Dead Sea’s unfamiliar shores, the ones that cannot be reached by land. On this trip that lasts 3 hours, you’ll discover unique Salt Crystals, Salt Chimneys, Water-filled Sinkholes, Salt Diamonds (Yes! There is such a thing), and the stop for a moment to rest on a secluded and secret beach. Spread in the mud straight from the ground and dip in the sweet springs of the beach. A unique attraction like no other!

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Salt Formations (mushrooms ) – Dead Sea

On the Dead Sea’s shores near the hotel’s strip, there is a natural phenomenon of salt formations, this wonder has appeared in recent years out of the sea, and it looks like mushrooms of salt.

Einot Tzukim – Dead Sea

Einot Tzukim is in a unique location next to the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains on the Jordan side and the other side of the Judean Desert’s replica cliff.