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Eilat with kids


Eilat is a great family-friendly holiday destination; it is located right at the southern tip of Israel, making it a perfect day trip destination from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Eilat not only offers tourist water, desert, and indoor experience, it is also filled with diverse attractions suitable for all types of tourists. Some of the top things to do in Eilat with children are listed below.

Top things to do in Eilat

Dolphin Reef

This is a popular attraction in Eilat, and it offers a unique ecological site that your kids will love. The dolphin reef gives tourists the chance to observe dolphins in their natural habitat. The best way to explore this attraction is to go on a guided scuba diving sessions where you will get a close and intimate encounter with the dolphins.


Underwater Observatory

This is one of the top attractions that you must not miss with your family while in Eilat. This underwater observatory gives tourists mind-blowing views of the underwater world of the Red Sea. It houses a wide array of aquariums that you can explore like the shark tank, turtle, and stingray pools, apart from the underwater observatories where you will get to see the life beneath the waves. You should also make sure you visit the Peace Terrace of the Observatory Tower, where you will get to enjoy mind-blowing views of the Red Sea. You will see four countries like Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt from this Golden Triangle of the Red Sea.

Timna Park

This park can be found about 25km away from Eilat in the desert, and it is a mind-blowing site suitable for all types of tourists. The park has a rich history and geology, and it is filled with rock formations, wildlife, a lake with pedal boats in the middle of the desert, and a variety of hiking trails that you can explore. Your kids will also love kid-friendly activities like sand bottling and other crafts here.
Timna Park


Hai-Bar Yotvata

This is a wildlife reserve located on the way to Eilat. Hai Bar offers tourists the chance to see animals native to the Negev region in a zoo, or you can go on a safari where you will drive through and see a variety of animals roaming freely. It also features a building where you are going to find nocturnal animals.

Eilat Botanical Garden

This is a great destination to go for a family stroll as it houses an organic ecosystem, which means all the trees, bushes, and spice herbs are not treated with pesticides of any kind. The garden houses three observation decks where you will enjoy mind-blowing views of the Red Sea and the Moav Mountain range. The best way to explore the garden is to go on a guided tour to learn about the advanced watering system and flora and fauna growing in desert conditions.


The beaches of Eilat are a great place to go if you are looking for the best spot where you can dive and snorkel in Israel. You can head to Aqua Beach or Migdal Or Beach, filled with all the facilities you will need to dive and snorkel in Eilat. The best thing about these beaches is that they are free to enter and filled with snorkeling spots in the Red Sea filled with diverse marine animals.


Red Canyon

The Red Canyon is a great destination to go if you want to try out nerve-wracking adventure hiking in stunning desert scenery.
It is best if you book a tour that includes several other sides to be on the safe side, but if you plan to go solo, you should ensure you take a lot of water with you. The Red Canyon is about 150m long and 2-3m wide, and it is 30m high. The canyon houses deep red sandstone with additional shades of purple, red, and white. The Red Canyon tour will take about two hours and more if you are out of shape.

Eilat’s International Bird Park

This park is a great destination to go with your family if you are a nature and animal lover. The park serves as a home to tens of thousands of birds traveling from Europe and Asia to Africa and back. The reserve can be found two kilometers north of the city center, and it has a free entrance. The birds spend the cold European winter months in the reserve as they enjoy the relatively mild winter. It is also a great spot where you can enjoy a family picnic lunch around the numerous tables that surround the reserve.

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