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8 Best Spots To Do Snorkeling In Israel

With crystal-clear waters and a variety of marine life, there is no shortage of stunning sights to explore. Plus, with top-notch gear rentals and private beaches for sunbathing after your dive, you’ll have everything you need for an unforgettable experience!

Are you looking to explore the vibrant underwater world of Israel? Snorkeling gives you a great opportunity to observe and experience the beauty below the surface. With its rich marine life, diverse coral reefs, and crystal-clear waters, Israel is an ideal destination for snorkelers. Here’s your guide to the 8 best spots for snorkeling in Israel. Enjoy!


1. Caesarea Harbor

Located in northern Israel on the Mediterranean coast, Caesarea Harbor has long been a popular destination for snorkelers and divers. The main beach at Caesarea offers an impressive view of the city walls, and great swimming – but it’s off the coast that you find some of the best spots.

Here there are a variety of colourful fish and thriving underwater life, as well as amazing sights such as coral reefs and old ruins from the medieval age. The blue-green colors that surround this harbour make for a unique diving experience, and with many private tour operators available to guide you – it’s not hard to understand why so many people come back here time and time again for their snorkeling adventure.

Address: נמל, Keisarya

Opening Hours: 24/7

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Caesarea Harbor 


2. Akhziv Beach

Akhziv Beach is located near the town of Nahariyya in Northern Israel. One of the best spots to do snorkeling in the country. With crystal-clear turquoise water and beautiful coral formations. It is a top destination for snorkelers. Exploring the sea life around Akhziv Beach is a magical experience. You can observe colorful fish, and curious turtles, or even sink your hands into soft seagrass beds.

Whether you’re an experienced diver or just starting out, there are snorkeling spots suitable to all skill levels that can be accessed from this beach. Akzhiv Beach is also surrounded by glistening white rock formations and Carob trees. This adds to the beauty of this stunning spot – making it an all-around great location for exploring underwater activities in Israel.

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Akhziv Beach


3. Coral Beach Nature Reserve

There are few experiences as thrilling and educational as snorkeling in Israel’s Coral Beach Nature Reserve. Encompassing an area of 180 acres, this reef has some of the most diverse, vibrant and wondrous marine life on the entire eastern Mediterranean coast.

Marine creatures such as:

  • Colorful angelfish
  • Octopuses
  • Sea turtles
  • Rays

Inhabit various coral formations in the crystalline waters along with a multitude of other sea creatures. The reserve provides safe swimming zones with boats nearby to anchor up to. Various buoys off the coast mark out these safe swimming spots which make it easy for one to find their spot and get started snorkeling away!

Address: Eilat

Opening Hours:

  • Friday 9 am–4 pm
  • Saturday – Thursday 9 am–6 pm

Phone: 08-632-6422

Admission Fee: ₪ 12.00 – ₪ 35.00

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Coral Beach Nature Reserve


4. Ga’ash Beach

Ga’ash beach near Netanya is one of the best spots for snorkeling in Israel. With crystal clear waters and an abundance of sea life, it’s sure to delight any snorkeler looking for a great experience. Colorful coral reefs support plenty of reef fish such as butterflyfish, grouper, angel fish, and more that make for an exciting snorkel session. Visitors can even spot turtles swimming through the tranquil waters here.

Additionally, the sandy shores make a pleasant spot to relax after your underwater adventure. Ga’ash beach provides plenty of amenities such as showers and changing rooms with easy access parking ensuring that visitors have all they need. Whether it’s your first time snorkeling or you’re already a master of the art, Ga’ash beach is an excellent destination for an enjoyable day out in the water.

Address: Ga’ash

Opening Hours:

Phone: +972-9-9596500

Email: [email protected]

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Ga'ash Beach


5. Eilat’s Underwater Observatory Park

For those looking for the best spots to do some snorkeling in Israel, look no further than the Underwater Observatory Park in Eilat. Located on the Red Sea, this stunning spot acts as a gateway to marine life, offering visitors the opportunity to view more than 250 species of tropical fish, sea turtles and invertebrates directly from the observatory deck or via glass elevator rides.

With so much to see and explore – including two submerged shipwrecks – it’s no wonder that snorkelers flock here year round to revel in its colorful coral-rich waters. Truly a spectacular destination, the park is not only perfect for snorkelers but also divers and family trips alike. So if you’re looking for an adventure filled with aquatic endeavours then head over to Eilat’s Underwater Observatory Park and get exploring!

Address: חוף אלמוג, Eilat

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday 9 am–4 pm

Phone: 08-636-4200

For pictures, booking, and more information, click here.

Eilat's Underwater Observatory Park


6. Dolphin Reef Eilat

Dolphin Reef Eilat, in Israel, is one of the best places to experience an amazing snorkeling adventure. Located on the azure waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and surrounded by mountains, the dolphin habitat is a truly unique spot for visitors looking for unforgettable underwater experiences. Snorkelers can encounter a variety of species including corals, stingrays, sea horseshoe crabs and jellyfish.

But the highlight remains the opportunity to safely observe wild dolphins, who routinely swim and play around in their own environment. The dedicated team at Dolphin Reef Eilat offers comprehensive snorkeling programs featuring top-of-the-line gear so that everyone from novices to experienced swimmers can enjoy themselves without worry. So if you’re looking for an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience during your stay in Israel, don’t miss visiting Dolphin Reef Eilat!

Address: חוף אלמוג, Eilat

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday 9 am–5 pm

Phone: 08-630-0111

For pictures, booking, and more information, click here.

Dolphin Reef Eilat


7. The Red Sea

Located in the Middle East, few people may realize that Israel offers some of the world’s most interesting snorkeling spots. The Red Sea is one of these spots and its warm and shallow waters. Make it a top attraction for visitors looking to explore the underwater life Israel has to offer. Its colorful reefs are home to an array of marine life, such as jellyfish, sea turtles, and even dolphins.

Beginners and experienced snorkelers alike can take advantage of guided boat trips or special diving packages. These unique sites have wonderful diversity; from the coral gardens near Eilat to the underwater war cemetery near Haifa.

They have everything a snorkeler could dream of. Israel is well prepared for underwater travelers; excellent gear can be rented, and many hotels on the coast feature well-kept private beaches with clear water perfect for snorkeling. So if you’re looking for a place where you can combine sunbathing with deep-sea pleasure, make sure to add The Red Sea in Israel at top of your list!

The Red Sea


8. The Mediterranean Coastline, Amira Beach

If you’re looking for some of the best snorkeling spots on the Mediterranean Coastline. Look no further than Amira Beach in Israel! Located just north of Tel Aviv, this beach is well-known for its clear waters and varied sea life.

From colorful coral beds to octopuses, sea birds, and dolphins, there is something exciting to see around every corner. Snorkelers can explore caves and are often greeted by a vibrant array of marine critters such as squid and shrimp.

Plus, with warm weather year-round, you can enjoy an unforgettable underwater experience any time of the year. So if you’re looking for a truly breathtaking snorkeling experience in Israel, be sure to head to Amira Beach!

The Mediterranean Coastline, Amira Beach


In conclusion

Israel is a great destination for snorkelers of all ages and levels. With its diverse marine life, crystal-clear waters, and variety of amenities. Visitors can find everything they need to get the best out of their underwater adventures. From the Red Sea near Eilat to Caesarea Harbor in the north and everything in between.

Snorkelers will surely find a spot that suits their needs and satisfies their curiosity. So if you want to explore the gorgeous underwater world of Israel, make sure to add these top 8 snorkeling spots to your list! Happy Snorkeling!

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