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Best Bars in Tel Aviv

It’s difficult to recommend bars in Tel-Aviv, just because half of this city is bars. Seriously, walk down a street like Allenby or Florentine, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. There are so many, with such subtle changes, that it’s hard to predict which will become your favorite and to which one you’ll never return. So we decided to go with the latest trend, popping up all over the city – cocktail bars. There are fewer cocktail bars in Tel-Aviv, and these are especially good. So don’t miss out on these:

Imperial \\ MAP SITE

These guys set out to be the absolute pinnacle of cocktail bars in Israel, and they’re doing a pretty good job of it. The place is immaculately decorated (colonialist decor and old fashioned feel with plenty of wood and dim lighting). Behind the bar, you’ll find knowledgeable mixologists – so pick your most complicated drink and test their might.


Aria \\ MAP SITE

On the top floor, you’ll find a popular restaurant by local chef Guy Gamzo. It’s the ground floor where the bar business is located. But the bar and the restaurant co-exist, and so you’ll be offered things like a bloody mary with beef brine, vodka with goose fat, and other weird but tasty combinations. It’s the perfect place for a unique first date.

Bell Boy \\ MAPSITE

This is probably the most hyped-up cocktail bar in town. The location is excellent, the design is steampunk, and almost all the cocktails are original “signature” concoctions by the chef Ariel Laizgold. The variety here is the biggest you’ll find, and the creativity is overflowing – a drink inside a shell on a sandy plate, a miniature bath with an alcohol filling, and more.

Jasper \\ MAP SITE

So the actual name of the place is Jasper Jones. The Jones is the bar you’ll come into. It’s a local neighborhood bar. The Jasper is the backdoor, invite-only cocktail bar. It’s a cool place for cool people. You’re welcome to try and hang with the cool kids if you’re in the area.

Double Standard \\ MAPSITE

The place’s name does not imply its moral standpoint. It just means that this place is not just an ordinary bar, but also a store for professionals. So if you’re there for the drinks and you get inspired, you can get everything your new business will need right there.

Taizu \\ MAP SITE

This is actually considered one of Israel’s better restaurants. If you’re not there for the superb Asian food, you might be interested in the tasteful cocktails. We predict that after a few drinks, your appetite will warm up, and the staff will be happy to help you pick cocktails that will complement the different dishes.

Social Club \\ MAP SITE

The Social Club’s emphasis is not on the most original and groundbreaking cocktails, but the amazing atmosphere. It’s more a restaurant than a bar, and the drinks were made to go great with food. This is a great place for dinner with friends.

Social Club

Cafe Europa \\ MAP SITE

This is the kind of place you’ll come back to again and again. It’s beautiful and fun, the prices are not staggering, and you’re welcome to leisurely spend a few good hours just unwinding.

223 \\ MAP SITE

The one that started it all. It’s where all good mixologists are born, where the OG cocktail people stay, and where you have to visit to say that you’ve been part of the scene. Come here to see what all the fuss is about; stay for the unmatched taste and quality.

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