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The Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

You’re not gonna miss the beach, but which one should you go to?

You really can’t say you’ve seen Tel-Aviv if you haven’t been to the beach. And if you came on a particularly sunny and hot day (meaning every minute of mostly every day) – they’re one of the better places to be in. But what are the best ones? Where are the best restaurants? Where should you go if you’re broke? Well, worry not. Meaning we’re gonna tell you.

The Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Hilton Beach \\ MAP

Surprise – it’s named that because it’s located directly across from the Hilton. It’s best for all kinds of water sports (like surfing, windsurfing and kayaking), and there are also classes held for beginners. There’s a host of restaurants offering Israeli food, and plenty of for-rent shade.

Metzitzim beach \\ MAP

The Metzitzim beach is a mythological beach and located northwest of Nordau Boulevard. The beach, which has a family character,
underwent a thorough renovation and became a modern beach while preserving elements from its original appearance.
The beach is near to the southern side of the Tel Aviv Port

Geula Beach \\ MAP

If you love having the relaxing sound of the ocean ruined by thousands of tick-tacks – look no further. This beach is overrun by Matkot players (The non-competitive, poor-man’s tennis). If you’re a player – this is the place to be. If not – come by only for the nearby Abulafya bakery or to watch the sunset from “Tzfoni Batayelet”.

Gordon Beach \\ MAP

This is the main event. Volleyball courts a-plenty, all kinds of restaurants and deep-blue waters. It’s the best place for fresh fish, big breakfasts and a salads. It’s also the place to be come night-time, when the myriad of bars open (directly on the beach or around it).

Ha’maravi Beach (The Western Beach) \\ MAP

This is the last sandy beach you’ll see before coming into Jaffa. You’ll find high waves and the wonderful scenery of Jaffa atop the overlooking hill. It’s clean, recently renovated and is a surfers delight.

Bograshov Beach \\ MAP

This is a great place to connect the serenity of the ocean and the bustle of the city. Tourists and locals stop by for a quiet moment in the middle of the day – and that’s the best thing to do here. It’s a wonderful place for people watching, plus – it’s dead in the center of things, so you can continue to almost wherever afterwards.

Frishman Beach \\ MAP

This soft-sanded, shallow entry beach is the perfect spot if you’re travelling with small children. It’s a quieter place than others, and the many restaurants on the nearby promenade make it great to be visited in the afternoon, towards the sunset. There’s a life-guard on duty, clean bathrooms and chairs and umbrellas for rent.

Ajami Beach – Givat Aliya \\ MAP

This beach is formally a part of Jaffa, and trades the hot sand for green-green grass. The coastline is long and winding, a great place for a BBQ or a picnic with no sand in your food. There are kids’ parks close by, and an excellent bike lane. Go to the close-by Abu Hassan for some of the best Hummus in all of Israel.

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