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Get to Know Eilat’s Beaches

We know you came to Israel for the beach. It’s true – we’ve got the best beaches. They’re beautiful and well kept, always have a guy with ice-creams walking around. Add to that the searing heat that reigns for most of the year – it’s the perfect country for a sea lover. And of course – the red sea is the finest of them all. It alone is a good enough reason to travel all the (long long) way to the tourism capital of Israel – Eilat. So here is a little bit about all of Eilat’s beaches, so you’ll know where to go first. (We recommend using Waze or Google Maps to find the exact location of these beaches)

Eilat’s Beaches


The EAPC beachMap
EAPC (short for “Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Company”) used to own this entire area, and kept it closed to the public for 50 years.

Dan Hotel – Map
You guessed it – it’s right in front of Dan Hotel. It’s well organized and very clean, has chairs, food, a snack bar and of course – a lifeguard on duty.

Moriah – Map

This one’s close to the Lorenzo Plaza hotel. It has free umbrellas (bring you own mat for maximum comfort). Chairs can be rented for a small fee. You can order food and drink from the hotel (for more than a small fee).

Bar Beach – Map

Look for the beachfront restaurant to find the exact place. There’s a spectacular reef here, so scuba diving or snorkelling is highly recommended. The restaurant is just nice.

Mosh’s Beach – Map

Mosh’s beach Eilat, located on the southern coastal strip is a beautiful ecological beach with great chill out vibe (you will know its mosh’s beach by the smell of the weed in the air). Its the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the sun and the view. Mosh’s beach has a vegetarian menu with amazing home style dishes , in addition to a large selection of fresh juices and alcoholic drinks.

Golden Beach – Map
Very close to the first beach on this list, has the same amenities. Adds nice showers.

Hshkhafim (The Seagulls) – Map

The northernmost beach, clean and quiet. The sand is soft and fine and the view is spectacular. You can order food from the closest hotel.

9 Beach – Map

A bit crowded and designed like a lounge bar. There are free chairs and food, but it’s not very quiet and there are mostly teenagers.

Kisuski – Map
Less for kicking back and relaxing, and more for water sports and snorkelling. it is an official beach, but there’s no lifeguard, so be careful.

Dolphin Reef – Map

While definitely not free, this is probably the most beautiful beach in Eilat. Not to mention the fact you can meet dolphins from up close and swim with them.

Electric Company Beach – Map

A big beach, with pebbles instead of sand. Chairs, snorkelling equipment and other water sports equipment can be rented. There is no lifeguard.

Dekel (Palm) – Map

Free to enter and has a great restaurant on site. Come on a friday night for a free party by the local DJ.

Coral Beach Reserve – Map

A very popular site, this long natural reserve is absolutely stunning. There’s an admission fee and you can rent snorkelling equipment right there. Do it.

Club Med – Map

You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the many benefits of this beach: Shaded grounds, tennis courts, snorkeling and even windsurfing (for a price).

Migdalor (Lighthouse) – Map

There are no lifeguards and almost no people. This quiet beach is the perfect place to relax, far from the city and the crowd.

Isrotel Princess – Map

A well kept beach owned by The Princess hotel. You can get to the deep water directly through a special walkway, and enjoy the underwater coral reef.

Eilat’s Beaches2

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