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The 5 Best Boutique Hotels in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a wonderful city to be in if you’re a fan of architecture and appreciate beauty. The cathedrals, synagogues, picturesque streets, and neighborhoods are enough to astound anyone. So why end your day by going to sleep in a concrete cube with ordinary design? Keep the unique trop going in one of these beautiful and one-of-a-kind boutique hotels. They’re much more private, have a very personal approach to the guests, and they will be a part of your vacation and not just that place you wake up in. Here are some of the best ones in Jerusalem:

21st Floor Hotel // MAP SITE

So the story is, an entrepreneur came to a meeting, accidentally pressed the 21st button in the elevator, got to an abandoned floor, and had a stroke of genius. The young and colorful hotel has 14 huge suites that feature a full kitchen, sitting area, and dining area. A big bedroom and a jacuzzi are a given at this point (they’re on the second floor of your duplex). If you’re traveling by rented car, you’d love to know they have free parking for you, which a godsent in Jerusalem. It would be like having your own home in the city if you had great taste

Ben Hillel Boutique Hotel // MAP SITE

If you’re looking for private, you’ve hit the jackpot (aside from actually renting a place of your own). Ben Hillel has only 10 guest rooms. The hotel is merely 2 years old, so everything is brand new. The staff is amiable, and you’ll be staying right next to the central Ben Yehuda street – close to everything that tourists need to see.

Herbert Samuel // MAP SITE

So this is not so much a tiny place, with 137 rooms and quite a luxurious feel. It was opened in 2016, and it’s part of the Orchid chain of hotels. Still, this kind of luxury isn’t easily found in the capital. There’s a pampering spa, a well-equipped gym, an indoor pool and a very well known gourmet restaurant on the 11th floor (which looks over all the city). The rooms are classically decorated, and the hotel lets you borrow bicycles to tour the city with.

Shani Luxury Boutique Hotel // MAP SITE

You’re already paying a little extra compared to regular hotels; there’s no reason for you to settle on tiny rooms. Shani Hotel offers maybe the most spacious rooms of any hotel on this list. The rooms are very cozy; you’ll want to stay in all day (don’t. It’s a waste of time). The amenities are abundant. The location is central (right next to Ben Yehuda). You’ll be within walking distance to Mamilla shopping center, the Old City, and lots of other restaurants and cafes.

Alegra Boutique Hotel // MAP SITE

If you’re okay with not being smack in the middle of the city, you’ll find one of the most beautiful hotels around. The Alegra is situated in the Ein Kerem neighborhood, and it’s a spectacular hotel, especially great for couples looking for a quiet and romantic place. Besides the luxurious amenities you can expect, you’ll be surrounded by nature, sleeping in a royal suite, and having breakfast in the rooftop fine dining restaurant.


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