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A holy vacation – everything you need to plan before your trip to the holyland

Israel sits today on what has been throughout history as the Holy Land – the land where most of the Bible’s stories took place. It is packed – full of things to do and experience, whether you are a religious pilgrim or simply a curious sightseer. But to ensure you have a positive experience, you must arrive after some essential preparations have been made. Read on to find out how to best conduct those.



One of the first things every tourist must investigate when planning a trip abroad is the type of accommodation you are looking for. If you plan to stay in Jerusalem, find a place as soon as possible because accommodation in jerusalem is a tricky business.

Finding hotels in Jerusalem is often quite an ordeal because the city is an extremely popular tourist attraction. Demand for accommodation is very high, and if you don’t want to find yourself staying halfway across the other side of the city’s center you should order a place to stay in online well in advance.

hotels in Jerusalem


A List of all the Interesting Attractions

Israel is filled with all sorts of amazing attractions. From the holy sites to all 3 Abrahamic religions to the hot sandy beaches of Tel Aviv, you can easily get lost in just deciding where to go. Make an organized list of all the things that piqued your interest and know which ones need to have reservations before you arrive.


A Rented Car

Even though Israel is a very small country by most standards, public transportation is not always the most viable option to navigate the country. Consider renting a car online before you arrive so that you’ll have an easier time traversing the country. Most attractions are just a short driving distance compared to most countries, so don’t think you’ll be spending all your vacation on the road.

A Rented Car


Proper Clothing

Israel’s weather can be a little tricky. While it is hot during most of the year, it can have its occasional moments of chilly weather, especially in the north. Make sure you pack clothing for most types of weather so that you won’t end up shivering or sweating.



Israel is a destination that requires some research, which comes quite in contrast with its easy – going atmosphere. If you follow these tips carefully, you’ll have a great time with minimal mishaps and unexpected accidents.

A holy vacation

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