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Best Places to Stay in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a must stop for anyone traveling to Israel. But you already know that that’s why you’re here because finding a good place to sleep and having some money left is troublesome. If you stop looking for hotels (there are many, they are great, the prices are very high), you’ll find great hostels at amazing locations. They usually offer either a bed in a dorm room or a private room for about double the price. If you score one that offers breakfast, you’re in luck – they’re great in you saves yourselves a few shekels.


Stay Inn \\ MAPSITE

This is commonly considered the number 1 hostel in Jerusalem. It’s very modernly designed, you’ll have your own locker, USB wall charger, reading light. There’s a big terrace to eat something or lay back with a good book, and it’s guarded 24 hours a day. Although it’s a bit pricier than the other options on this list, it’s a good all-around solution.


Abraham Hostel \\ MAPSITE

If you’ve read our list of the best places to stay in Tel-Aviv, you’ll know that there’s also an Abraham Hostel there. The one in Jerusalem is the original branch, which is the best place in town if you are traveling alone. The place is squeaky clean, the rooms are cozy and pretty, and the location is very central, close to everything. There’s a great vibe in Abraham Hostel. Maybe it’s the open mic and hummus nights (Sundays) or the rooftop yoga plus bar crawl (Wednesdays). Maybe it’s the fact that both of these are free to join. There’s mostly a feeling that there’s a friendly face in town, someone that’ll be there for you. Free breakfast is also good. But also the friendly face thing.

Abraham Hostel

New Swedish Hostel \\ MAPSITE

Listen, it’s not the prettiest or the newest hostel in town, but it most definitely the cheapest one. You won’t get a crappy room, either. The rooms are clean, and the beds are great; there’s not much design going on. It’s all effortless and rustic, but it’s in the old city center, right next to the market. It’s very safe, and even though it might not look like much, at first sight, we promise you’ll get your money’s worth.



If you’ve got a little more to spend, and especially if you’re traveling as a couple, this probably is the best place for you. HI Agron has beautiful rooms suited for couples, with smart TVs and a wonderful free breakfast. It’s in the center of town (very close to both the old city and the new districts). It looks and feels more like a hotel than any other hostel on this list, as it’s spotless and modern. It only has 55 rooms, so you’ll get your precious peace after a long day out.


The Post House \\ MAPSITE

Looking for the exact opposite of peace after a long day out? Say hello to The Post House. Never mind the great free breakfast and cool modern design; this is a party hostel. You’ll get your own locker and storage in the big dorm rooms, so you can store all your stuff before going up to the roof and planning your night out with other party people like yourselves.

The Post House


Actually, why settle for a bed in a dorm when you can have an entire apartment all to yourself? The prices for an apartment, suitable for up to 2 people in a good location, should be around 300 NIS per night. Check out THIS option, which is suitable for up to 4 guests. If you’re willing to walk a bit, there are also great bargains, like THIS entire apartment for 2 people. If you’re on a budget and looking for a nice, simple space where you can even do some cooking, consider taking THIS cheap option.

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