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Apps for travelers in Israel

When you’re on vacation, a mobile phone is one of the most useful tools you can have. You need to know which apps to download.
Here’s a great compilation of the most useful applications that will make your trip more pleasant and less complicated.

XE Currency
Free currency calculator. An app that allows you to calculate and convert every currency to Israeli Shekel.

A navigation app that guides you through the shortest route – by foot, by car, or even with a scooter to your destination. Waze will alert you about traffic, police, car accidents, hazards, the cheapest gas stations around, and more.

Taxi app to easily book a licensed taxi. The price is set in advance according to the destination to avoid cheating taxi drivers.

A public transportation app that helps you know how to get to any place with public transit is the shortest way possible.

App to find the closest laundry next to you.

An app that locates parking spaces and gives you quick entry to parking lots. The payment for the parking is with the App.

Israel Railways
An app that is used to plan your train travel. You can catch up live on the exact time the train will arrive to see which trains are busier, and the app will even wake you up when you arrive at your station.

If you want to buy marijuana, this is the app for you! Telegram is an easy and viral messenger app, often compared to Whatsapp.
how to get weed in Israel

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