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Best fashion boutiques in Israel

If you are fashion lover and looking for some perfect piece to add to your wardrobe, this article is exactly for you.

We’ve got you covered with this brilliant fashion boutique that offers sophisticated, urban, and perfectly designed items – clothing, shoes, and accessories that will make you feel at your best


Specialty: Shoes, shoes and more shoes

For whom: Shoe-aholic, women, and men

Shoofra is known for its hip, stylish, and super quality shoes. They carry some of the popular brand names: A.S.98 , TRIPPEN, MJUS, GOLA, SHUTZ, CRIME LONDON, CHIE MIHARA, and many more. Here is a recommendation – look for a local brand, “Shoemaker,” that makes the most city chic style shoes.

 It seems that this shoe store chain picking each brand and each style so carefully to fit the colorful and unique vibes of the place .So if you are looking for a special pair that no one else has – this is the place for you! The name SHOOFRA – actually means “where is this from?” or in stores all over the country



Specialty: Dark romance jewelry

For whom: Women, Men

Extraordinary jewelry local boutique offering collections that explore the boundaries of contemporary jewelry. This Tel Aviv based shop combines icons and symbols with an embrace of traditional techniques and historical references, creates imagery where ancient and modern coexist, granting a timeless quality to each piece. Definitely worth a visit! or in stores: Lilienblum 46 / Amiad 13, Tel Aviv


Specialty: Super chic fashion

For whom: Women, Men, Kids

Multi-brand store chain that imports the best brands from around the world. About 100 fashion and lifestyle brands, clothing, and accessories, while everything is carefully chosen with a perfect wardrobe’s vision. Here you can find brands like Free people ,Native youth ,Nudie jeans, Soda&Scotch, Vagabond, The Jacksons, and much more.  or in stores all over the country



Specialty: Smart casual style with unique cuts

For whom: Women

The local brilliant designer is known for his understated and minimalist style. One of his strengths is producing a variety of unique cuts that are not too dramatic but so special. Here you will found fewer trends, more fine, and quality clothes that will suit every occasion. Chen explains that the design process usually starts with straight lines and then breaks them down with interesting twists. For example- dresses made from men’s shirts, interesting folds, bell sleeves, and jackets with unique zips. 

Check out Ronen Hen’s Limited edition! This is a line featuring limited edition items with a strong fashion statement. or in stores all over the country


Specialty: Streetwear

For whom: Women, men, kids

This local brand combines superficially street art and some Israeli features like symbols of the three religions, elements of the military world, and a lot of use of the word “Holy.” This brand is sure to tell the intricate story of the Holy land. or in-store- Shabazi 63, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv
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