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Trance Parties in Israel

Trance parties began in the early 90’s at Thailand beaches on the islands and from there spread to India and to the rest of the world. Israeli travelers who returned from a trips in Thailand and India brought with them the music and the parties to Israel and from there the rest is history.

Today, Israel is considered one of the leading countries in trance music, and you will not find an International Trance Festival without some Israeli trance artists .

The most famous artists in the trance scene that discovered in Israel :

Trance parties in Israel have a long history of hate and love relations with the authorities. In the early 90’s, the parties were primarily held in open areas or secret hidden clubs, illegally.

Today, every weekend there are several parties, some are approved by the police,some are not. To know where the approved parties are held you can go to the artists’ pages listed above or check the following Facebook pages :


The Underground

Trance IL

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Trance Party in Israel

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