The secret islands of Israel

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At the northern end of Israel, there is a secret that not many people know, Israel has islands. So it’s true that these are not big islands with coconut trees and beaches with white sand, But the “islands” in the Mediterranean Sea are one of the beautiful places.
You don’t have to sail hours to the depths of the sea to see them. The islands are located near the shores of Rosh Hanikra and Achziv, and you can even cost one of them called the “island of love” or “Achziv island.”

Achziv island

In the 1980s, local entrepreneurs set up a kiosk on the island of love with sunbathing. Still, after several months the place closed due to fear of damage nature.

The archipelago is a two-hour drive from Tel Aviv and can be reached in twenty minutes from land. In rowing.

Since the island is not a nature reserve, it is allowed to go up on the “Island of Love”.
the islands are surrounded by coral cliffs and The whole area itself is recommended for snorkeling and Scuba diving.

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