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Even though it is one of Judaism’s holiest cities, Tiberias is constantly attracting Christian tourists, who come to the area for the Sea of Galilee and neighboring churches and holy sites. No matter why you came to Tiberias, we’re sure we can find something interesting for you to see, learn or discover. If you’re wondering about the best times to visit the city, we’d say mostly you can’t go wrong. Even on hot days, there are plenty of water-centric attractions. That aside, July and August can be sweltering in Israel, especially in Tiberias, so we recommend you plan accordingly.

Sea of Galilee viewed from mount Arbel in Israel

Travel to the Sea of Galilee

Tiberias is synonymous with the Sea of Galilee, and if you even stop by the city, be sure to jump in the clean fresh water. For many other traveling ideas around the Sea of Galilee (or in Hebrew: The Kinneret), be sure to read our complete guide to the Sea of Galilee.

Panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret lake), from the east, at sunset, Northern Israel

Yigal Alon Promenade

Every city in Israel has that one street, where everything is at. For Tiberias, that street is Yigal Alon. Start your tour of the city here. Besides the gorgeous view of the water (and by the evening, a beautiful view of the sunset), you can enjoy many different stalls and the city’s tree, authentic atmosphere.

The Water Show

So while you’re walking along said promenade, you can enjoy a beautiful water show. The show was designed for Tiberias’s people by a local multimedia company and is performed three times every night (hourly, 19:00-21:00). The show combines water, lights, and a special kind of projection in sync with upbeat music for a vegas-like experience. It’s also free, so why not?

St. Peter’s Church

While there are many churches around the Sea of Galilee, some may be found inside the city. Maybe the most interesting of them all is St. Peter’s Church. This basalt church was built on top of the ruins of an older crusader church. You can also visit the Monastery of the Twelve Apostles in the city.

The Fish Market

If you’re the sort of person who gets to know a place through its tastes, start your tour here. The fish market is filled every day with fresh fish recently caught. We don’t really expect you to buy a few fish and go cooking. It’s just that right next to the market, and you’ll find the famous Falafel stands. It’s hard to decide which stall is the best, so we recommend you just try them all.

Tiberias Fish Market


Tombs of the Sages
As we said, Tiberias is considered one of the four holiest cities in Israel. In these grand tombs, many of Judaism’s greatest people are buried. Rabbi Meir Baal Ha’nes (which helped write the Mishna) and Rabbi Akiva, who participated in the Bar Kochva Revolt, are buried here, and bring many to pray at the tombs.

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