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Hot Air Balloon Flight in Israel

If you want to see the Land of Israel from above and not for a few minutes when your plane arrives from the sea, you can give yourself a day to wake up early in the morning and fly in a hot air balloon.

Before the flight, you will receive herbal tea with snacks and an explanation of the pilot on the Hot Air Balloon how he Fly and what you will see from the sky.

Takeoffs usually take place at dawn when the climate is comfortable and visibility is better, the flight lasts from one hour to an hour and a half and all activity takes up to five hours.

Where are the hot air balloon flights taking place in Israel?
Most of the hot air ballooning flights in Israel take place in the Northern region and the Gilboa area about One to two hours drive from the center.

A hot air balloon reaches 5,000 feet and from this height, you can see the Hermon Mountains in the north that mark the edge of the country and in the south the Judean Mountains as well.

Some important things to know

Hot air balloons are known as the safest aircraft and are suitable for anyone over the age of 6 who is in good physical condition.
The flights are weather dependent so it is important to make sure before you arrive that everything is working properly and the activities are in progress.
You can also do the activity in the evening and watch amazing sunsets over the Mediterranean sea.

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