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The Best Places to Stay in Tel-Aviv on a budget

We know Israel can get expensive. It’s not just you; prices can seem pretty crazy for Israelis, too. But what Israelis don’t know is that a place to stay can really cost you. Even compared to the US or European countries, Tel-Aviv is notorious for its rip-off hotels. But you really don’t HAVE to sell a kidney for a night at a nice place. You have to know where to look for it. Please take a look at these places that are nice as they are affordable and conveniently located.

Panorama of Tel Aviv, Israel

Abraham Hostel \\ MAPSITE

This is maybe the most well-known hostel in Tel Aviv. It’s not the cheapest one on this list (70-100 NIS for a bed in a dorm, or 300 NIS for a private room), but the design and atmosphere are great. It’s actually the second Abraham Hostel in Israel (the original one is in Jerusalem). This place brings together cool people from all around the world. The rooms are spotless and welcoming, and things like the cool lounge and the roof encourage you to meet new people to spend your time in Israel with. It’s located in the center of Tel-Aviv’s south. You’ll be close to bars and restaurants, just minutes from Rothschild street, and the popular Levontin 7 club.


Florentine Backpackers Hostel \\ MAPSITE

Florentine is the hipster Mecca of Tel-Aviv. This is definitely the trendiest, hippest place in town, with more bears than people, more dogs than bars, and more tattoos than dogs. This place is right in the middle of it. It’s about 10% cheaper than Abraham Hostel and has charming rooms and dorms, great WiFi, and a communal area that are convenient and inviting.

florentine hostel

Old Jaffa Hostel \\ MAPSITE

This place is great if you’re looking to be right next to the beach and if Jaffa’s unique atmosphere appeals to you. You’ll be just minutes from the flea market (and of course, restaurants and bars that come to life every night of the week) and about 5 minutes walk from the beach. It’s quite small but has a wonderful rooftop and very nice rooms. A bed in a dorm will cost you about 90 NIS, and a room will be about 250.


Little Tel Aviv Hostel \\ MAPSITE

This is a fairly new place (opened in 2015), very close to Rothchild street and the new central bus station. Of course, the rooms are very new and modern; there’s a bar on the first floor, a 24-hour front desk and generally, a “hotel” feel, compared to other places on this list. You’ll enjoy a great breakfast and be very close to both Shenkin street and Nachalat Binyamin market. Rooms are about 220 NIS, but the prices leap to about 450 in peak seasons.



If you’re willing to spend about 250 NIS for a private room, why not pay that for a private home? Airbnb has taken over Tel-Aviv. Whether it’s people who are giving you their home or homes specifically built to accommodate tourists, the prices are pretty good, and the homes are very nice. Check out THIS home in the middle of the city, or THIS room if you’re looking to save your NIS and are ok with settling for a single room. If the prices are too low, take a look at the address, don’t get screwed over when it comes to public transportation. It’s not the best.

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