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What to Wear in Jordan

Welcome to Jordan, a country situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

As a country with strong cultural values, it’s important to dress appropriately while exploring its beautiful landscapes and ancient cities. Dress modestly by covering your knees and shoulders, and opt for loose-fitting clothing that shows respect for the local customs. Closed-toe sandals or sneakers are your best bet for footwear, and consider packing a pair of dress shoes for special occasions. Don’t forget to pack according to the weather and bring some useful items like a money belt, reusable water bottle, bug spray, and hand sanitizer.

So let’s dive in and discover what to wear in Jordan! Read on for our guide on dressing appropriately for cultural norms and practical considerations like weather and activities.

General Style Tips

General Style Tips

  • Cover-up: Jordan is a conservative country, and dressing modestly is highly valued. As such, it’s important to cover your knees and shoulders. For men, this means wearing full-length pants and t-shirts or collared shirts. For women, this means avoiding tight or revealing clothing and covering your hair with a scarf or shawl when visiting religious sites.

It’s also a good idea to carry a scarf with you at all times, as it can come in handy for covering up when needed.

  • Choose loose-fitting clothing: This will not only help you stay cool in the hot desert climate but also show respect for local customs. Avoid wearing tight-fitting or clingy clothes, as they may be seen as inappropriate.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Closed-toe sandals or sneakers are your best bet, as they can handle the rugged terrain and protect your feet from the hot sand.
  • Pack a lightweight jacket or shawl: The nights can get chilly, especially in the desert. It’s always a good idea to pack a lightweight jacket or shawl for those cooler evenings.
  • Avoid wearing shorts or skirts above the knee: Showing too much skin is not appropriate in Jordan. As such, it’s best to avoid wearing shorts or skirts that are above the knee. Instead, opt for longer lengths that cover your knees.
  • Dress up for special occasions: When attending a special event or dinner in Jordan, it’s important to dress accordingly. Men should wear collared shirts and trousers, while women can opt for a long dress or skirt paired with a blouse or modest top.


What Shoes To Pack

As mentioned earlier, closed-toe sandals or sneakers are your best bet for exploring Jordan. Here are some other footwear options to consider:

What Shoes To Pack

  • Hiking boots: If you plan on hiking in the beautiful desert landscapes of Jordan, it’s a good idea to pack a sturdy pair of hiking boots.
  • Flip-flops: These are great for wearing around your hotel or when lounging at the Dead Sea.
  • Dress shoes: If you plan on attending a more formal event, it’s a good idea to pack a pair of dress shoes. Just make sure they are comfortable enough for walking in, as you’ll likely be doing a lot of exploring on foot in Jordan.


Clothing Tips for Women

Clothing Tips for Women

  • Long, flowy dresses and skirts: These are not only stylish but also keep you cool in the hot weather. Make sure they cover your knees and avoid any slits that may reveal too much leg.
  • Loose-fitting tops with sleeves: A cotton or linen blouse paired with loose pants is a great option for staying comfortable and covered up in Jordan.
  • Maxi skirts and dresses: These are a great option for both casual and more formal occasions. Just make sure they cover your knees and avoid any low-cut or revealing styles.
  • Palazzo pants: These wide-legged, flowy pants are perfect for keeping cool and looking chic in Jordan.


Clothing Tips for Men

Clothing Tips for Men

  • Long-sleeved shirts: While short-sleeved shirts are okay, it’s best to stick with long sleeves for a more conservative look.
  • Lightweight pants: Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Avoid wearing jeans as they may be too hot and uncomfortable in the desert heat.
  • Polo shirts: These are a great option for a more casual look, but make sure they are not too tight or revealing.
  • Collared shirts: These are a must for any formal occasions you may attend in Jordan.


Pack for the Weather

Jordan experiences hot summers and cool winters, so it’s important to pack accordingly. Here are some weather-specific items to consider:

Pack for the Weather
Pack for the Weather
  • Sun protection: With its desert climate, sun protection is a must in Jordan. Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the intense sun.
  • Layers for cooler weather: As mentioned earlier, nights can get chilly in Jordan, especially in the desert. Make sure to pack a lightweight jacket or shawl for those cooler evenings.
  • Waterproof gear: If you plan on visiting during the winter months, it’s important to pack waterproof gear as rain can be unpredictable.
  • Swimwear: If you’re planning on taking a dip in the Dead Sea or one of Jordan’s beautiful pools, make sure to pack swimwear.


Other Useful Items to Pack

Other Useful Items to Pack
Other Useful Items to Pack
  • A money belt: To keep your valuables safe while exploring, it’s a good idea to pack a money belt that you can wear under your clothes.
  • A reusable water bottle: Staying hydrated is key in Jordan, so make sure to pack a refillable water bottle. It’s also eco-friendly!
  • Bug spray and hand sanitizer: To keep those pesky bugs away and stay germ-free, make sure to pack bug spray and hand sanitizer.
  • A portable charger: With all the exploring you’ll be doing, your phone battery may run low. A portable charger will come in handy for keeping your devices charged on the go.


In conclusion

While Jordan is a conservative country, it’s also a stylish one. With these tips, you’ll be able to dress appropriately and comfortably while exploring all that this beautiful country has to offer. Happy travels!

So don’t forget to pack your modest and comfortable clothing, along with some stylish outfits for special occasions. And always remember to respect the local customs and culture while enjoying your time in Jordan. Have a wonderful trip! See you in Jordan! 🙂

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