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Top 10 Hummus Restaurants in Israel

Not surprisingly, Tel-Aviv is not the only place you’ll have to visit if you want to cover this list.

Stay in Israel a week, and you’ll begin to truly understand the profound connection Israelis have to hummus. It’s more than food. It’s pizza to Italians, Baguette to the French. Is it Israeli? Palestinian? Egyptian? No one really knows. Or cares. Just make sure you get a good dish. Oh, it’s also super-healthy and vegan friendly, so whenever you have the chance – hummus is your friend.

  1. Abu Hassan – Jaffa \\ Map

It’s the best hummus in Tel-Aviv – Jaffa for sure. Ignore the menu completely and order the “Masabacha” – hummus with chickpeas and complete with all spices and dressings. Order a few sides like some fried and falafel balls and you’re set.

  1. Mashawasha – Tel Aviv  \\ Map

This place is easy to get to, close to Bugrashov street. It’s more like a cafe than a proper restaurant. Order the Mashawasha (essentially another name for masabacha). The pitas here are amazing, so put your diet aside. Also, try some of the home-made pickles.

  1. Haben Shel Hasuri – Kerem Hateymanim \\ Map

If you’re having trouble pronouncing this place’s name, go with the translation – The Syrian’s Son. This place has but one choice – the signature plate – complete with fava beans, shredded egg and tahina. You can eat it without the pita, so you’ll have place for more.

Haben Shel Hasuri - Kerem Hateymanim

  1. Ashkara – Old North, Tel Aviv \\ Map

Ashkara (roughly translated to “for real”) is known for their big, generous, portions. You won’t leave this place hungry, we promise. Aside from a great hummus, they offer great sabich, wonderful toppings and the nicest waiters around.

  1. Lina – Jerusalem \\ Map

There are so many good hummus places in Jerusalem. But if you have to settle for one, go to lina. It’s hidden in the old city’s christian quarter. The taste is as authentic as it gets, and is recommended for seasoned hummus lovers. (Get it? seasoned?).

  1. Khalil – Ramle \\ Map

This place’s masabaha is so good, the entire city is known for it. “Oh, you’re going to Ramle? get a masabaha at Khalil”. Well, don’t just take our word for it, go try it yourself.

  1. Affif – Kalansua \\ Map

Go here if you like your hummus light and creamy. There’s not much besides hummus here. It’s pure and heavy as it should be – so if you have any other plans for the rest of the day – cancel them, you’re going to sleep.

  1. Sa’id – Acre \\ Map

It’s quite a drive, but it’s well worth it. You’ll know the place by the seemingly endless line. It’s futile to try and explain why it’s so good – it’s the taste, that’s it.

  1. Abu-Yusef – Haifa \\ Map – Site

If you’re in luck, they’ll have hummus with pine nuts – in that case, that’s the best hummus on this list. If not (which is likely the case), ask for the mahluta and you won’t be sorry.

  1. Kaspi – Tel Aviv \\ Map

You can find several branches of Kaspi, just because it gained popularity so fast it has to branch out. The taste is significantly easier to handle for newcomers, but that doesn’t mean hummus veterans won’t enjoy. Don’t miss the freshly cut salads.


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