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Salt Formations (mushrooms ) – Dead Sea

On the Dead Sea’s shores near the hotel’s strip, there is a natural phenomenon of salt formations, this wonder has appeared in recent years out of the sea, and it looks like mushrooms of salt.

The Salt mushrooms are a spectacular sight and unique. If you went on a trip to the Ein Bokek area, it is worth coming to the salt mushrooms enjoying what it has to offer you. To get to the mushrooms of salt, you have to walk in the Dead Sea about 20 meters; the crystalline and crystalline look is unique – the salt crystals created large and broad surfaces, just like islands in the Dead Sea quite clear why they became an attraction and a chosen photo site.

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Tips before arriving in the area:
• There is no cost to enter the beach, and no registration is required.

• In the coastal strip, there are 15 salt mushrooms located parallel to the beach that can be reached by walking in the water up to the waist.

• 400 meters strip of large salt mushrooms one meter high above the bottom of the Dead Sea, which connect to a kind of “path.”.

• The seawater gets a bright glowing turquoise color, and the bottom is white Because of the salty floor. An unforgettable sight in itself.

• Entry into the water is recommended with closed shoes only because the salt’s bottom is sharp and injured. A flip flop will not be comfortable to walk on.

• Keep in mind that the water in August is boiling.

• By 5:30 pm, the sun disappears behind the mountains .

Directions to Dead Sea Mushrooms :
In Wise, enter the “Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel,” about 200 meters south of the hotel are the mushrooms. There is parking in the beach area – the parking is above the beach, go down about 5 minutes to the beach. To get to the mushrooms, you have to go down the mountain and walk in the water a bit.


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