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The Dead Sea – the lowest place in the world

You’re in Israel; you’re obviously going to visit the dead sea – the lowest place on earth (just throwing it out there). But before you go skinny-dipping in the salty (oh so salty) waters or covering yourself in mud, there are a few things we think you’d like to know in advance.

Why cover up in mud?
Because of all the great minerals it contains. There’s a reason why the world’s shopping malls are infested with dead sea products – it’s good for you! So have a freebie and cover yourself up from your toes to your face with mud. Just be sure to have a way to get it off later.

Have mercy on your camera
This isn’t your ordinary beach. If you want your “I’m floating and reading the paper” photo, take it before getting any salt-water on you. Even if you’ve got a fancy go-pro, these waters can do great harm to cameras of all kinds.

The Dead Sea

Have mercy on your bathing suit
It’s gonna get discolored and pretty roughed up. Take an old one you won’t care about throwing away afterward.

Get there fast
The surface level of the Dead Sea is dropping about 3 ft a year. It means there are plenty of sink-holes to look out for (So don’t just stop the car and run towards the nearest patch of water – that’s dangerous). It also means that there’s a limited amount of time this place is gonna be around for.

There are awesome spas nearby
If covering yourself with mud didn’t do the trick, go to a spa. The most luxurious and recommended one is the spa in the Le Meridien hotel. It has seawater polls, mineral pools, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and all kinds of massages.

Integrate it into a day of sightseeing
The Dead Sea is very close to Masada’s ruins, to Ein Gedi nature reserve and all are about an hour’s drive from Jerusalem. Do yourself a favor and don’t skip those. We recommend sleeping in Jerusalem and covering all three locations in about two days.

The Dead Sea – The island of salt
The Dead Sea – The island of salt

Don’t shave
Before getting in the water, that is. Normally, do whatever you want. Any open cuts you have are gonna sting like hell when they come in contact with the super-salty waters. So no to razors and yes to all kinds of bandages.

Bonus Fact:
It’s known that the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, but to be exact – it’s 1,412 foot below sea level. It’s almost 10 times saltier than any ocean and one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world.

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