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The most luxurious (and expensive) boutique hotel in Tel Aviv


The Levee Tlv – Yehuda Halevi 16 \\ Map – Site  – Facebook

It’s no secret (pun intended) that Tel-Aviv is an expensive city. While there are affordable options for accommodation in Tel Aviv, the day to day life here can be pretty taxing. But paying 30-something NIS for a beer has nothing on this new boutique hotel that opened in the city.

This place might be the most luxurious in Tel-Aviv (and that’s saying something). The Levee brands itself as a luxury apartment complex, but it’s so much more.

So what will 3,500 USD a night get you? First of all – a penthouse with a great view of the city. There you’ll have “the finest appliances imported from out of Israel.” We don’t know what’s so great about appliances from abroad, but ok.

Every guest receives a personal assistant, a private chef, and a Chauffeur who’ll be waiting for you 24\7.

We’d say you can come here to feel rich, but if you came here – you probably already are. In addition to all this personal “assistance,” the hotel manager says the staff is committed to making all of the guests’ requests a reality. Like one guest that asked for a helicopter flight to Masada at 5 is to see the sunrise. And don’t worry, your penthouse does include a separate room for the nanny and helper you brought along. If all of this sounds a bit out of your price range – don’t worry. We’ve got a list of affordable boutique hotels in Tel-Aviv as well.

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