How to Get Weed in Jerusalem???

weed in Jerusalem
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First of all, let’s state the obvious – if you came to Jerusalem from Tel-Aviv, get your weed there. It’s easier and of better quality, and the price tends to be better too. But, we all know the struggle of getting to a new city, realizing that you’re completely dry and the night (or gosh forbid – the weekend) is getting alarmingly close.

You have a few options when it comes to getting weed in Jerusalem: if you’re in a hurry and are willing to pay more for a quick fix – head to the Crack Square (or ask locals on how to get to “Kikar Hahatulot” – the cats’ square). It’s near a place called “Coffee Bean”, and certainly one of the most unpleasant place to be in the city – especially for tourists. There, some kids are bound to approach you to check if you want to buy anything. They’ll rip you off before they’ll “go get it for you”. The quality is questionable and the weight is rarely what was promised – but it’s a surefire way to get weed fast.

You can try your luck on Telegram in the channel the “The Jerusalem Community

The other method is reserved for friendlier people, who can be patient about their weed. Just go to any of the popular bars at a late enough hour, and smell around. You will soon catch the scent of weed – follow it. Introduce yourself and show interest in the weed. Israelis love tourists, and if they’re not taxi drivers, Israelis are also very helpful to tourists. Just ask the, where to get some. First, they’ll probably give you some of theirs. Second, you’ll get a priceless contact in the holy city.

weed in Jerusalem

You should note that even though it seems that everyone are just smoking weed everywhere, it is NOT legal anywhere in Israel. It’s decriminalized, but a policeman on a bad day can still ruin yours if he catches you smoke. You’ll face a fine of about 1,000-2,000 NIS for your 1st and 2nd strike, with the 3rd possibly getting you into prison. It’s not very common, and the police is after growers, not users. But, you know, you ARE guests here, maybe smoke privately, and don’t flaunt your weed so much.

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