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What To Do in Haifa

Haifa may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of a good time in Israel. But being the third-largest city in the country and enjoying the greatest view Israel has to offer, you can be sure there’s plenty here to keep you occupied. Whether you’re a fan of museums, alternative art, or just looking for a great beach for some sunbathing – we’ve got you covered.


The Baha’i Gardens

We actually have an entire article just about the Baha’i Gardens and why you should go there, but just in case you hadn’t seen that one yet – go there. It’s without a doubt the most beautiful place in Haifa, it doesn’t matter what you believe in, or if you’re “not really that into architecture and stuff,” you’ll want to see this.

The Baha’i Gardens


The German Colony

If you are really into architecture and stuff, you’ll definitely like the German Colony. It’s located right at the base of the Baha’i Gardens. This neighborhood (viral today) was founded in 1868 by german templars. The cool thing is – most of the original buildings still stand to this day (germans know how to build, we’ll give ‘em that). Today, this picturesque location is filled with restaurants, cafes, and art galleries – coveted by many hipsters banished from Tel Aviv for numerous reasons.


Museums you shouldn’t miss.

If you only have time to see one museum in the city, it should definitely be the Madatech Science & Technology Museum. This is the kind of museum that invites you to touch, interact, and experience to enjoy. The exhibitions are fascinating, and almost every corner of the museum is translated, so you won’t have to walk around like idiots looking at shiny moving parts. If you care for less techy and more alive (a great segue, we know), go to the educational zoo. It’s right on top of the Carmel mountain and has over 100 different species of wildlife. There’s also the Haifa Art Museum and the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art if you have the time.


Go to the market

The Arab market (Vadi Nisnas), in the Arab district, is what you’d picture an “exotic market” as being. The falafel stands, one next to the other, the traditional Jewish and Arab things you don’t need but will buy as a gift – it’s all here. And yes, this is one of the places you CAN haggle. Just don’t go overboard. Or send your Israeli friend for the best results.


Go to the beach!

It’s not the only beach in Israel, of course, but Haifa’s beach has such an amazing view, you can’t afford to miss it. The best beach in Bat-Galim, which lies next to a neighborhood of the same name. You get a beautiful beach, a lovely promenade, and all the Schick restaurants and cafes a person can want. Dado is another great beach with wonderful gardens surrounding it. It’s better suited for families.

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