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Jaffa – The Past Meets the Present

Don’t miss out on the true Jaffa
We have a couple of ideas to get the most out of your visit.

Jaffa might be what you had in mind when you thought of Israel: The exotic smells, the mix of cultures, unique architecture, and the incredible mix of ancient and brand new. While touring the streets can be plenty interesting, here are a few things we think you won’t want to miss.

jaffa tel aviv - secret israel

The Old City \\ MAP 

Jaffa has many parts that look half modern and half old but go to the old city to see clearly how these streets were like hundreds of years ago. Today, these cobbled streets house a new generation of artists, who set up shops, street art, and statues worldwide, inviting you to discover this colorful environment. Come on a weekday to avoid the hectic weekend.

Have an awesome Hummus \\ MAP

Yes, every hummus place in Israel claims to be the best, but this one is widely considered. There are three “Abu Hassan” hummus restaurants in the city. When you get there, order the staple dish – Masabaha with Ful (hummus and tahini with mashed fava beans on top). It’s the closest you’ll get to eating like a sheikh.

Get a closer look at blindness \\ MAPSITE

Na-lagaat theatre and BlackOut Restaurant operate close to one another and offer different ways to experience and better understand blindness. The former presents theatre shows with an all-blind cast (which is truly something unbelievable at first). The latter takes you on a journey in a completely lightless environment, as you experience a day in a blind person’s life. The “day” ends in a restaurant, operated in complete darkness by blind workers.

A view from above on Jaffa Port and Tel Aviv's beachfront

The renovated port \\ MAP 

The Jaffa port is home to many stories and wonderful photo-ops, and now more than ever. The warehouses have been renovated, shops have opened, and the streets have been cleaned. It’s now a wonderful place to spend the morning-afternoon on a sunny Friday. It’s also very close to the streets of the old city, so two in one!

Haggle in the flea market \\ MAP

There’s no parking here, but other than that – you’ll find pretty much everything else. From antiques to furniture to fashion and amulets – it’s all here. You can also hop between dozens of street bars, restaurants, and food stands, each better than the other. Come here on a Friday morning to get the complete, chaotic, it’s-part-of-the-beauty experience.

Visit the Station \\ MAPSITE

More than a hundred years after originally opening to connect Jaffa with Jerusalem, the old train station has been reopened as a cultural and shopping center. You’ll find mostly boutique shops and concepts restaurants here, and the prices will be a bit higher than you’re used to – but the atmosphere worth it.

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