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The Best Rooftop Bars in Tel-Aviv

It’s hot as hell, it’s night-time, it’s time to drink something on top of a building. No, we don’t know what those things have to do with each other, but we know it’s a great combination. Tel-Aviv has discovered the rooftop bars and the selection becomes wider every day. Here are some of the best places you can find in the city. Remember: it’s not about the height, it’s about what’s there. It’s also about the height, though…

Speakeasy // MAP SITE

You can call this one the OG rooftop bar of the city. It’s in a great location, just above the Jimmy Who (so if you’re in rothschild, you can easily spot this place). It’s popular, as it’s been from its opening day. The atmosphere is young and loud, the drinks are mainly cocktails and the food is good (but there aren’t too many options).

The Prince // MAP SITE

The most hipster of roofs, by far, is The Prince over in Nachalat Binyamin. It’s supposed to be a place for art, booze and food. You’ll find plenty of installations, lectures and laid back atmosphere. The food is sophisticated (bordering on pretentious) and delicious (try the norwegian shawarma). Go see what the kids are up to these days.

Suramare // MAP SITE

The roof belongs the an office building, but the atmosphere here is anything like the corporate life. This place proclaims to serve “Drinks and Happy Food”, and it delivers. The bar is relatively cheap and well equipped, there are great dishes (home-made pizza, Calamari and Potatoes), awesome cocktails, and it never feels too crowded.


Blue Sky // MAP SITE

You’ll find Blue Sky at the 15th floor of the Carlton Hotel. It’s a great restaurant by local superstar chef Meir Adoni. You’ll be looking over at Tel-Aviv’s incredible beach and having some of the best seafood this town has to offer. Notice that this is by all means not a cheap place, but it’s perfect for special occasions.

Poli House // MAP SITE

Rooftop bars aren’t only to be visited at night. This place opens in the early morning for those of you who are looking for a great summer cocktail to open your day with. The wonderfully designed roof also includes a lovely pool, so you’ll immediately get the atmosphere (you’re encouraged to get in).

Mr and Mrs Lee // MAP SITE

It’s not be the tallest around, but surrounded by Tel-Aviv’s skyscrapers, you’ll find a great asian restaurant by chef Shaul Ben Aderet. It offers a delicious Japanese cuisine, modern atmosphere, and dining with a silent, magnificent view.

Dinings // MAP SITE

The Norman Hotel has, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful rooftops in the city. There you can find another Japanese restaurant – Dinings. The dishes are less known, and the ingredients are specially imported. The entire experience is unique and one of a kind – great for enthusiasts of the asian kitchen.


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