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The Best Falafel in Israel

When you get to Israel, do a little social experimenting. Ask anyone what’s the best falafel in Israel. Everyone has a different answer, and if you ask two people at once, you’ll get to watch a fight to the death. We’re saying is try these ten places, pick one, and tell other people you know where’s the best falafel place in Israel.

Another equally important thing when you ask Israelis what is the most Israeli food they will answer with two words: hummus and falafel!

Hakosem – Tel-Aviv \\ Mapfacebook

Well, the lines here speak for themselves, and it’s worth your while to stand in one of them. This big operation has many dishes, falafel being the most popular. The tahini is great, and the location is right in the center of Tel-Aviv.

Benin Johnny – Tel-Aviv \\ MapSite

This place runs successfully for more than 50 years. After answering whether you want a potato, your pita will be filled with sesame seed covered falafel balls and topped with fresh salads. Don’t forget to ask for some hand made french fries.

Hazkenim – Haifa \\ MapSite

Many falafel businesses open up around Hazkenim, but none survive. This place has a winning secret formula that will make you want to ditch the salads and go straights for the falafel itself. Ask for a few extras; it’s ok.

Yemen Center Falafel – Jerusalem \\ Map

This is a place well known to all residents of Jerusalem – and now to you! Let them handle the spices for an extra hot, extra tasty classic falafel dish, just like they made it when Israel was founded.

Shlomo and Sons – Tel-Aviv \\ Map

The question here is simple: “You want everything?”. If you want the taste of true, authentic falafel – say yes. Trust us; there’s a lot of everything. The falafel balls are prepared just for you, so every pita is hot and mouth-watering. You’ll smell this place from miles away.

Gabai – Tel-Aviv \\ Map – facebook

The best pitas in the country are made here, and that makes all the difference. Not in the mood for falafel, stop by anyway for Gabai’s famous soups.

Ratzon – Tel-Aviv \\ MapSite

Is pita full of falafel for 6 NIS? Yes, yes, thousand times, yes! It’s customary to never settle for just one pita here. You won’t get and fries or fancy salads – just the basics, but it’s still so good. And so cheap!

Tatami – Jerusalem \\ MapSite

Here, we recommend you don’t take the regular. Ta’ami has great hummus, so you should definitely order a plate of that hummus, topped with great falafel balls!

Four Flavors \\ Map – Facebook

You’d think this place would be a passing gimmick, but it’s gaining popularity all across the country. The different flavors are small changes, to be honest, but they give a unique and fun twist to this loved national dish.

The Best Falafel in Israel

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