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Frishman Beach – Tel Aviv

At the end of Frishman street, this beach will definitely star in most top 10 beaches in Tel-Aviv lists. It’s a personal favorite and for many reasons. It’s easily accessible for starters, whether by car (there are many parking lots around) or by bus. It’s spotless and always quiet and peaceful. There are beach volleyball courts, so bring your own ball and enjoy the sun. The waters are very shallow for the first 30 feet, so it’s a great place to walk around with your feet in the water and enjoy the afternoon. Additionally, you’ll be right in front of the promenade, where there’s an abundance of restaurants, smoothie stands, and bars. The beach provides first-aid services if needed; there’s a lifeguard on duty and clean bathrooms. You can rent chairs and umbrellas.

Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

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