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The 10 Best Clubs in Tel Aviv

You already know that Tel-Aviv is the city that never sleeps. You know it’s packed with clubs and bars, you know there’s always something to do. But we don’t want you to get lost and confused in all this abundance of possibilities. So here are the 10 best clubs in Tel-Aviv. Trust us, start with these, and work your way forward if you still have some energy left.

Pasaj // MAP SITE – instagram

You’ll hear that this place is strictly about hip hop, and while it does have that, is hosts a variety of different lines. There are two bars and the music is extremely loud, whether its hip-hop, rock. blues, techno or gay night. In the weekends the place is usually owned by students and soldiers on leave, so expect that age group.

The Block // MAP SITE

Ok, so the location (New Central Bus Station) is terrible, we know. The name is universally recognized for the unbelievable sound system and best-in-the-industry DJs. Everyone is here – 20 year olds to 50 year olds. If you appreciate a good party, great bar and comfortable seating area, go here.

The Block

Kuli Alma // MAP SITE – instagram

The Kuli Alma is the complete package: and outside area to chill, a huge dance floor with different DJs, and a third area with live music. The place is also used as an underground art gallery, and hosts different sales and special events. It’s rustic and undeniably cool, that’s probably why it’s considered one of the best bars in Tel Aviv, even if you’re not hardcore party people.

Alphabet // MAP SITE – instagram

The place was recently renovated, and became super popular almost overnight. It’s hard to predict what you’ll hear here. It can be club, hip-hop, live shows or absolutely bizzare what-the-hell-was-that bands. There are two dancing areas (Alpha and Gamma). It’s where the cool kids are. We weren’t invited.

Oman 17 // MAP SITE

The younger brother the a club of the same name in Jerusalem. This place is a cult hit for over 13 years. It’s synonymous with nightlife. You’ll find the absolute biggest and fanciest parties here (gay parties, theme, weddings, everything). The place is huge, the people keep coming. Go there just to see what Tel-Aviv can really amount to.

The Bootleg // MAP SITE

This underground club gained popularity only recently, but it took off fast. There are great parties here and also great shows and special events. It’s mostly techno and house music, and there are plenty of shows by international well-known DJs.

Sputnik // MAP SITE

This place is schick. A club with a beautiful gallery, video-art installations, auctions, live shows, concept and culinary nights. This place has high standards for everyone who thinks they’ve seen it all. You welcome to be a stuck up for the night and come check it out.


Patio // MAP SITE – instagram

Don’t like the underground scene or never-heard-of bands screaming away? The Patio plays mainstream dance music, it’s close to the beach and it has the most successful Israeli music night in Tel-Aviv. It’s not for hipsters, but if you love stuff you can hear on the radio, you’ll love it.

Ismi Salma // MAP SITE – instagram

This place used to be the shit when it came to dark and hip spots. Now it’s widely considered mainstream. But there’s no denying it’s one of the most well decorated places in the scene, the music is not too loud and it’s a great place to hang on the weekdays.

The Dungeon // MAP SITE

This place is unique. It’s the home for BDSM lovers of Israel, and for many – it’s a home. Fetish nights and lots of S&M is what you’ll find here, along with a lot of black leather. It truly is a friendly place for people who like to be poorly treated. Oh – and you have to wear black.

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