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Best Places to Spice Up Your Night in Jerusalem

Indeed, Jerusalem isn’t exactly world-renowned for its nightlife. Being very holy, ancient, and filled with Hasidic Jews.

But the last decade or so has seen the capital go through some major changes. More pubs and party lines are opening up every year, and the bar is constantly being raised. You don’t have to yearn for Tel-Aviv nightlife anymore.

Yellow Submarine \\ MapSiteFacebook

This house of music hosts all sorts of different shows, from all sorts of different genres. You’ll find jazz and funk festivals, rock performances, legendary titans of the Israeli music industry, and fresh newcomers. The place has a big (pretty cheap) bar, and the sound quality is unmatched.

Yudale Bar \\ MapFacebook

If you’ve been to Jerusalem, you’ve been to Machane Yehuda market. And if you’ve been to the market, you’ve been to chef Assaf Granit’s amazing restaurant – Machneyuda. Well, Yudale Bar is just that (from the same creator) but in a pub edition. It’s a great tapas bar where the chefs prepare the food right in front of you. There are also wonderful cocktails, and everything is super fresh from the market.

Mike’s Place \\ MapSite – Facebook

Like the one in Tel-Aviv, this is a regular meeting spot for tourists from all over the world. Loud music, live shows, and the best cheesy fries in the country. The waiters all speak English (sometimes exclusively), and the atmosphere is young and drunk.

Best Places to Spice Up Your Night in Jerusalem


Mirror Bar \\ Map sitefacebook

A complete opposite of Mike’s Place, this elegant bar is a part of the luxurious Mamilla Hotel. It’s quiet and dark, chic and expensive – but a great place for a first date (or really, any date). The food is almost as good as the unique, complex cocktails (you can get a tasting, too!).

Blaze Bar \\ MapSite

Do you like bikes, grunge, and loudness? Well, look no further. The blaze bar arose from the ashes of the old arcade of Jerusalem’s city center. It hosts live bands every night, and you’ll be surprised at the quality that these usually unknown artists offer.

Valero \\ MapSite facebook

Inside of Machane Yehuda market (and opened once the market’s been closed), Valero is a resto-bar that combines an elegant feel with the down-to-earth prices and atmosphere of the market it’s located in. Their entrecote burger is especially worth the visit, as well as the impressive bar. It’s a great place to host private events, too.

Zappa \\ MapSite facebook

The popular venue’s Jerusalem branch continues the tradition of wonderful shows, with plenty of space of amazing sound quality. Go to their website to see the upcoming shows and get your tickets fast; they’re going our quick.

Nocturno Live \\ MapSite facebook

Not into all that popular music you can hear on the radio? Nocturno lights up the night with alternative shows and local bands. You’ll find spoken-word contests, stand-up evenings, and the occasional lecture, along with a great bat and vegetarian restaurant.

Sira \\ MapSite facebook

Hipsters of the world – UNITE! You’ll find the hippest students of Jerusalem dancing to electronic music on the tiny dance floor by different popular DJs in this seemingly low-budget bar. As the night goes on – the beats get faster.

Best Places to Spice Up Your Night in Jerusalem2


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