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The hottest gay scene in the middle east

What are some of the hottest gay locations in the hottest gay scene in the middle east?

Tel-Aviv is widely known as the gay capital of the middle east, but it’s really a lot more than that. Tel-Aviv is truly a city that never sleeps – Any day of the week, you can find performances, parties, and shows that end at 5 is at the very least.
The gay scene in the city is no exception to that rule, so even if you’re not here on pride week and are planning on joining the parade – there’s plenty for you to do.

Bars and Clubs

Shpagat – \\ MapInstagram – Facebook
A central meeting place and chill-out coffee house during the day, which turns into a packed gay bar at night (well, it’s a gay cafe during the day). It’s wonderfully designed and has a great location for stopping by – Nahalat Binyamin St. 43.

The Gay Center – \\ Map – Facebook
While not really a bar, the LGBT center in Gan Meir does have a Landver coffee shop next to it. It’s a meeting place for the community, and each year the pride parade starts there.

Gay Beach – It’s right next to the Hilton Beach, which you can read more about in our “Top Beaches of  Tel Aviv” article.
It’s completely not a gay-only, lesbian-only, or even LGBT-only beach; it’s simply a place that the community has made alive, fun, and with a super open atmosphere and great people.

Bars and Clubs


Lines :

VRS – This line launches every Tuesday in “The Pasaz” and is all about being who you want. And, needless to say, to dance to the latest electro-pop-disco and house, played by Tel-Aviv’s best DJs. We like it for the underground grunge feel it has.

Tinofet – This is the hottest gay line in TLV. It happens every Saturday at the “Lima Lima” (It starts at 11 pm, be there at about midnight).
Be sure to check out the once-a-month extended version of the party. You’ll be hearing a lot of hip-hop, pop hits, the 90s, and R&B. These parties are wild and therefore very much recommended.

Zoti – This line features deep house exclusively and is for the ladies. It’s in different places every week.

Arisa – Huge monthly party at “Haoman 17”, featuring mostly middle eastern “Mizrahi” music. Oh, and it’s for men.

FFF Shirazi – If you haven’t heard of shirazi, you’re gonna like it. These parties are once every two weeks, have loads of surprises, and are masterfully produced. This is something else.


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