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How and Where Do You Get Weed Around Tel Aviv ???

The headline was pretty straight forward.

You land in Israel, get your bags, find a taxi, get to your hotel, and settle down. You must be thinking – “Gee, where am I supposed to find some weed around here?”. Well, there’s no need to quietly whisper codenames to the locals in hopes of scoring a gram of crap quality. No, the start-up nation has done it again, and weed in the holy land is now in the tip of your fingers and at premium quality. Now go download the “Telegram” app and keep on reading.

Relying on Telegram’s promise of complete anonymity, a group of Israeli programmers created a system of automated groups to buy and sell drugs – called “Telegrass.” And it works anywhere in Israel (granted, it’s a lot easier in Tel-Aviv, but you’ll get along just fine anywhere else). But dammit, it’s all in Hebrew; what are you supposed to do now? Worry not; We’ve found you some other channels where you can find what you’re looking for :

Go to your telegram and look for :

  • Weed4You
  • weedisrael
  • weed premium Israel
  • weed 4 yo

The police are not interested in you, however, but in the dealers. That’s why certain precautions are taken and why merchants will ask you to send a selfie, a link to your personal FB page, and a photo of an ID to ensure you’re not undercover police. Bitcoin is currently not an option, but it’s a work in progress. The app lets you read buyer reviews about sellers and their merch, some merchants have a minimum buy amount, and you will pay in cash when you get the weed. Notice that it’s not as shady as it sounds – The product comes professionally weighed and packaged, and the sellers are mostly kind and helpful.

You shouldn’t pay more than 100 NIS for a gram of the best weed (it should be even less). Yep, it’s not cheap. But it gets the job done. So to make sure this is clear – none of this is legal, but if you’re caught with less than 15 grams on you, you’ll go with a fine at best. That’s it; our asses are covered, do whatever you want.


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