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Doctor Shakshuka – Shuk Hapishpeshim – Flea Market jaffa

Dr Shakshuka is an expert of Shakshuka, the omelette of the Tripolitan cuisine a cooked eggs with crushed tomatoes and onions.
In addition to Shakshuka, you can eat meat dishes from the trippolitan cuisine, couscous, thin and steamy granules accompanied by vegetables, chunks of chicken or meat, next to the doctor’s restaurant where you will find divine shawarma.

During the years of its existence, Dr. Shakshuka became a real institution and the Doctor’s name made him a familiar figure in every home in Israel.
The location of the restaurant is at the heart of the Jaffa flea market and the design of the place, along with hundreds of primus hanging from the ceiling, gives a unique feeling of going back in time.

DoctorShakshuka Shawarma

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