IL fashion: 5 hot trends in the holyland

IL fashion
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Israel is an interesting country. It is comprised of people from a multitude of different backgrounds, each with their own style and culture. This fact did not skip the fashion world, with many different trends that define the Israeli fashion industry. Read on to discover which fashion trends are now popular in Israel.



Israeli culture is at times a little more conservative than the rest of the Western world. The Jewish religion plays a strong part in society, which means that items of clothing are not always too revealing. Thus, it is possible to see very stylish shirts and trousers which cover much of the body. A few great examples of this phenomenon can be found at Hers Israel as well as other places.

IL fashion


Prints are a great option for adding much style and character to any item of clothing. Making use of them has greatly benefitted the Israeli clothing industry, adding much elegance and modernity to their look. High – quality prints can be found at many different stores and can even be custom – made to one’s liking.



Stripes are one of the go – to styles of Israeli fashion. They are a simple, elegant, and highly versatile design that matches many men and women of all ages. Aesthetics are important in Israeli society, and they are relevant even when one reaches an advanced age. This is why stripes are so ubiquitous in Israel, and there is no indication of them becoming out of fashion any time soon.


Baggy Jeans

Israel, like many other countries in the world, has adopted the wide – figured – jeans and neglected skinny jeans. It indicates an approach that is much healthier that doesn’t promote damaging behaviors such as extreme weight – loss encouragement. This is a huge step for Israeli fashion industries, one which also promotes healthy behaviors and ideas.

IL fashion


Climate change is a serious problem, and the fashion industry in Israel has already understood this. More and more people are encouraged to purchase clothes coming from a sustainable production line, made with sustainable products that are biodegradable instead of plastics and their derivatives. This did not skip the Israeli fashion designers, and is now a common sight for the industry.



Israeli fashion is ever – changing, with different styles and schools of thought constantly entering and exiting the market. This just goes to show the uniquely dynamic nature of Israeli culture, one which offers many interesting trends and practices.

IL fashion

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