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Affordable Boutique Hotels in Tel-Aviv

The big hotels in Tel-Aviv are inescapable – they fill the main streets and tower over the beaches. And while there are some great options out there, sometimes you want something a little more personal. Boutique hotels are just that, but they tend to be a tad expensive. Good thing we found the best affordable boutique hotels in Tel Aviv for you. Mind you, “affordable” does not mean cheap…

Modern and Sleek – Shenkin Hotel \\ Map – Site  – Facebook

If you find all of that European castle thing a bit kitschy, how about a more modern approach? The Shenkin Hotel adopted an urban feel, with plenty of warm colors, clean and minimalistic aesthetic, and only 30 rooms on offer. It’s just 10 minutes away from the beach and offers a large rooftop seating area with a gorgeous city view. It’s a much younger place in the spirit. The price includes breakfast in one of the nearby cafes (pick one). Cheapest Room: 750 NIS per night.

Shenkin Hotel
Shenkin Hotel Tlv

Cheap and Humble – Galileo Hotel \\ Map – Site  

By “humble,” we don’t mean old and in dire need of renovation. This small hotel only has 11 rooms; all are charming and perfect for couples. All rooms have all the basic amenities, with some even offering private hot tubs. The location is great, right in the center of the city, and the price is the best we’ve seen in the city. Cheapest Room: 350 NIS per night.

New and Cozy – TLV 88 \\ Map – Site  – Facebook

This hotel has a great location – right across from the beach and the promenade and offers beautiful and cozy rooms if a little basic and compact. It’s also close to major places like Dizengoff center mall, the Habima theater, and Bugrashov street. If you’re looking for a great location, a few other guests, and a great room and breakfast – this place could be a good fit. Cheapest Room: 740 NIS per night.

TLV 88

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