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The Best Seafood Restaurants in Tel Aviv

If you’re craving some scallops, shrimps, or even a lobster, you should know that Israeli food (at least kosher food) deems them as unacceptable. This means it’ll be a little harder to find them, and most restaurants that serve fish will stop there (no shrimps, etc.). But in Tel Aviv, it’s significantly easier to find great seafood for reasonable prices. Here are some of the best places in town:

Hazaken Vehayam (Old Man and the Sea) \\  Map – Site  – Facebook
85 Kedem Street – Jaffa – Phone – +97236818699

This restaurant has only been around for 21 years, yet ask any Israeli what’s the best place for fish – and they’ll probably point you in its direction. If you live in Tel-Aviv, you’ve been there, and if you’re not – your family stopped here on some trip. There’s seafood alright, but the specialty here is the simple fish. They’re why people keep coming back. Prices are around 110 NIS for the main course.

Shabtai Hayafe (Shabtai the Beautiful) \\  Map – Facebook
36 Ha-Tsorfim Street – Old Jaffa +972526479883 

This place, located in the Jaffa Port, puts Israeli food aside and attempts to transport you to Greece. The white and blue colors are dominant, and the signature dishes are all here – the salads, cheeses, and of course – the fish. The prices range from 50-130 NIS, which is not too bad. The greek salad here is wonderful, and the blue crab is very recommended. This is the kind of place you’d rather order a few large dishes and share them with the table.

Kalamata \\  Map – Site  – Facebook
10 Kikar Kedumim Street – Old Jaffa – +97236819998

If you like seafood, but travel with people that would rather eat anything else, consider Kalamata. This is also a greek-style restaurant, with excellent fish and an affordable and delicious sea-food plate, alongside wonderful greek dishes like Lamb Gyros or Musaka. Kalamata is overlooking the old city of Jaffa from a 500-year-old stone building. It’s beautiful and romantic, great on sunny days and at night when the fairy lights are on.

Shila \\  Map – Site  – Facebook
182 Ben Yehuda Street – Tel Aviv – +97235221224

Shila is an elegant, semi-fancy place that feels more updated and modern than other places on this list. In the afternoon, the place serves business lunch in a chill atmosphere. In the evening, it feels more like a cool bar with great food. You’ll pay about 250 NIS per person, but the seafood here is really amazing, especially if you’re into scallops or crab. If you have a special night to celebrate – this could be the place to go.

Hadayagim Restaurant (Fisherman’s Restaurant) \\  Map – Site – Facebook
Hangar 1 – Jaffa +972539443408

Ha’dayagim has been around since 1947 and has seemingly always been a staple of the Jaffa Port. This is an excellent place to spend the afternoon in, on a sunny day. There’s an unbeatable selection of fish, crabs, shrimps, oysters, and even an amazing Lobster (a rare sight in Israel). It also serves more common Israeli food, if someone in your party is not a seafood fan. The best dishes are the sharing plates. Come here in large groups to truly appreciate the place and share different dishes. Prices range from 99 to 460 NIS, and you’ll probably need a side dish to feel full, so prepare your wallet.

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