The best food in Haifa

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The best food in Haifa
Haifa has four religions, one port and the best street food in Israel. The city is a microcosm of Israel with veteran culinary institutions, some of which have existed for more than 30 years. In order to find the best food there are two markets in the city: Wadi Nisnas and Talpiot Market.

Abu Shaker – Humus
One of the most famous hummus in Israel, which of course was famous for its excellent hummus.
At the entrance there is a blender where the chickpeas are grinded together with special additions and the cholbata dish is prepared by
Burgul cooked with red paprika and red peppers.

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Michelle falafel
The Michelle Falafel open for over 45 years in the market of Wadi Nisnas and managed by Michel and his wife.
The dough is prepared exclusively by the father himself, and the boys, who are responsible for frying, make sure to change their oil at least once a day.
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Ein Hawadi – Restaurant
A Lebanese restaurant in Wadi Nisnas, located inside an Ottoman building. The menu includes dishes like Siena, maQluba and shisbrak.
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Abu Zeid – Fish & Seafood
Abu Zeid restaurant specializes in fish, seafood, and meats, but The highlight is selection of salads that comes when you seat and are known for their quality and special tastes.
The restaurant was established in 1990 by Abu Zeid and is now managed by his son.
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Abu Maroun – Humus
One of the best-known hummus restaurants, the place itself looks simple but the hummus is made with love and crushed manually, the place has existed for over 25 years.

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Shawarma Emil
It is considered the best shawarma in Israel by meany , a tiny place with a large pita that is mostly Full with meat, a little tomato and onion.
There is no salads bar and no hummus or chips the owner sells the same pita as he wanted.
The excellent meat and fresh circuit with lamb fat causes the hungry crowd to reach from all over the country .
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Best Shawarma in Israel. Period.

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