Everything you need to know about Eurovision 2019 in Israel

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If you’ve been following up on Eurovision news, you know that Israel’s contestant Neta won the 2018 eurovision contest with her song “Toy” (which became a worldwide hit since). That means that next year’s contest will be held in Israel. (May 14th is the first semi final, 16th is the second and the grand finale is on the 18th. So mark your calendars). The last time Israel has hosted the Eurovision was about 20 years ago, so for many Israelis, it’s kind of a big deal.


Originally, the contest was supposed to be held in Jerusalem – Israel’s capital, but problems soon began to pile up. Jerusalem is a very religious city, and so there were troubles allowing for rehearsals on Saturdays and religious parties in the city were worried about the young crowd that would be flooding the city. It’s not something Jerusalem should be proud of, but ultimately – everybody knows that Tel-Aviv is the real party city of Israel, and the obvious choice for hosting a massive party like the eurovision.

If you’re flying to Israel specifically for the Eurovision, you’ll be glad to find out that Tel-Aviv is the first city you’ll get to see. Just 20 minutes from Ben Gurion Airport are the outskirts of the city, and another 15 minutes will get you to the very heart of the city. Tel-Aviv is packed with tourists pretty much year round, so we definitely recommend booking your hotel, hostel or AirBnB right now to avoid paying more – or sleeping on the street. The contest will be held at the city’s Exhibition Ground – so be sure to find a place around that area (It’s a little far from the center of town, and so a bit cheaper).


You can also add the eurovision to your trip, even if it’s not the entire purpose of your stay. If you’re staying in Jerusalem, for instance, we do recommend you get to Tel-Aviv on the morning of the contest, to avoid getting stuck in the obvious traffic jams. Also, take into account that Tel-Aviv is a city that loves a party, so that’s probably what’s gonna be going on throughout the city all through the Eurovision week. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to set yourselves up with a place to stay in the city, just so you could really enjoy this unique opportunity.


Tickets are currently not on sale, and will be made available closer to the competition itself. We recommend you get your flight tickets now, to get them cheap and start planning your stay in Israel.

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