Eurovision 2019 in Israel – The Details

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So obviously, you’re coming to Israel to watch the Eurovision in 2019 (and of course, to take part in the parties that will follow in the most party-loving city in the world). Now that it’s settled and the contest will be held in Tel-Aviv, you can hurry up and find a place to stay (you should probably book right now, to be honest). So what more do you need to know to be prepared to the biggest event Israel will be holding in the next few years?


Before the actual finals in Merkaz Hayeridim (Event Center) in front of thousands of people, there will be a few pre-contest events. 10 days before the grand finale, the city will host the Euro Village which will host past Eurovision stars and also broadcast the semi finals on giant screens. The semi finals (two of them) will be held on May 14th and 16, and the final showdown will be held on the 18th.

There are no official ticket prices as of yet, but the estimates are not bad – about 35 euros for the cheapest option, going all the way up to 150 euros. The price will determine your location. The problem, however, is not the price, but the amount of tickets. Out of 9,000 available seats, 2,000 will be reserved for the press and 3,000 for the contestants and their parties. That means there will only be 4,000 tickets available for the general public (by the way, out of these 4,000 tickets, 1,200 of them will be for tourists only). The first round of ticket sales is assumed to happen in early December. It will help you to be a part of a large Eurovision fan club to get early access to the limited tickets.


If you’re out of luck, you can still be a part of the celebration, and come to one of the two semi-finals. Actually, there will be 9 events to which you can come – the finals, two semi-finals and 6 dress rehearsals. Tickets will be sold separately to each event. Over 40 countries are expected to participate in the much anticipated contest, so even the rehearsals are supposed to be an event not to be missed. Also, take into account that you don’t have to be in the building to be a part of the fun. Almost every bar and restaurant in Israel will make a big deal of the Eurovision, and Tel-Aviv will be the best place to be if you want to be a part of the huge celebration.

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