Sleep high above the lowest place in the world

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Metzoke Dragot is a place to sleep and spend time at the edge of a mountain range overlooking on the Dead Sea and the Jordan Mountains.
The settlement was founded with the State of Israel establishment and underwent many incarnations from a kibbutz to a mountaineering school, eventually becoming a holiday village.
Apart from hosting the village offers a variety of challenging activities for groups such as safari trips, jeep tours and famly events.

Accommodation options
There are over 50 guest rooms in a variety of sizes, travelers’ rooms, family rooms and doubles.
Large tents for accommodation for groups of 10 to 100 people.
Unique rooms, mud rooms and an isolated suite for couples only on the edge of the cliff.

The bar
At the entrance to the resort complex there is a bar called “Motsuki Bar” which is probably the bar with the most beautiful scenery in Israel.
The audience consists of visitors in the resort and tourists that travel the area, chill out music is playing with alternating styles and And don’t miss the sunset.